A really nice apology from easy child

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. flutterby

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    Two nights ago, easy child came to me and apologized.

    He said that he is sorry for the way that he's been acting and that he knows he always takes his frustration out on me. I asked him why and he said, "cause you're always here. I know that sounds really bad, but it's the truth."

    He said he has been trying really hard to not let things get to him, to not take things out on everyone around him - Ashlee included - and some other stuff that I can't remember right now. :tongue:

    It was very sincere. And even better because he has been doing those things, and so there was effort behind the apology. It makes the apology mean so much more.
  2. susiestar

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    Very cool. Good to hear he realizes what he was doing and is trying to change.

    I think this is part of why we call them pcs.
  3. ML

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    That is so cool. I say he gets to keep that easy child title for another day :)
  4. Heather,

    It's days like this that keep us moving forward as parents! It sounds like he has really examined himself and his behavior. That is awesome. I would treasure that apology; and know that you are helping easy child move another step closer to maturity.

  5. graceupongrace

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    That is really nice. He knows that you are the "safe" person for his vents because you love him no matter what (a blessing and a curse -- LOL!).

    That sense of remorse sometimes is the dividing line between a easy child and a difficult child. My easy child always apologizes when he makes bad choices. My difficult child, hardly ever.

    Way To Go, easy child and mom!
  6. Hound dog

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    I'm glad he was man enough to apologize. Says alot for his character, most especially when he's following thru and trying to improve the behavior. I hope it continues.