A replacement for Concerta?

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    My son (he's 7) is prescribed Concerta (54mgs) and it is working, he is now able to sit down in class and listen to the teacher or watch tv at home before he was all over the place just wouldn't stay still poor impulse control(really extreme) but now its better . But lately I noticed its not lasting as long as before, I'm starting to get the calls from his school again. My main concern is the side effect its having on him...NO APPETITE!!! My boy is just not eating he is losing weight I seeing his ribs... he'll spend a whole school day without eating a bite.

    Is there anything out there that I can use instead of Concerta.

    I hate giving my boy medication
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    Concerta was the last medication my son was on before I took him off medications. My main issue was the same as yours. He would not eat. He loved to run and play. They did the mile run at school one day and he stopped in the middle and started crying - he said "mommy I just can't". That was because he was not eating and had no energy. It broke my heart. He would sit at the table and pick at his food with his fork, never taking a bite.

    He was 8 then and on medications for an entire year. After that the following summer the doctor said to take him off for the summer. I did and put him back on them when he went back to school. The following summer doctor said same thing. I took him off and never put him back on them. I couldn't stand it. He would not make eye contact with anyone.

    It was not easy going through the next few years without medications but we did it. This year he started high school and it's been rough. Finally started him on a natural medication called "Attend". It is working for him with NO side effects. But you know kids are different and what might work for one won't necessarily work for another.

    Hope you find something that works for your little guy!
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    what is attend and where do you get it?
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    Well, I accidentally placed this on the wrong thread...it is a supplement that might help with concentration: phosphatidyserine

    There is a product called Neuro Optimizer that looks interesting:

    Will try to provide a link:

    (Might have to type in Neuro Optimizer)

    I know that the vitamin company Life Extention makes mixes that are said to help with concentration.

    I do wonder if these supplements can either replace or at least enhance the medications for ADD.

    I am particularly interested in finding out what folks with bipolar take to help them with ADD symptoms that wont trigger a manic attack and would appreciate a pm if someone else here has an interest in this.

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    It's a natural medication and I get it from our health food store. You can also buy it on line. To me it is kind of expensive - 60 tabs is 38.95. They have to take more at first then after the first couple of weeks they take less. He is on 2 tabs a day and since it is so expensive, now he takes it only during the school week. When he first started taking it he took it even on the weekends.
    It is according to there weight how much they take.

    I don't know the exact website but if you google "attend" it should come up and they have an 800 number you can call. I called because one of the ingredients is lithium and that concerned me but the company told me it is the natural form of lithium so it's not the same as the script form of lithium.
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    I feel for your little one. My son's psychiatrist suggested giving him ice cream every day as a way to keep his weight up. I hope you find a solution.
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    Does he eat breakfast before he takes his medications? Miss KT refused to eat if the Concerta had a chance to get into her system before she ate anything. She would pick at lunch, but did eat dinner. Could his dosage be too high for him?