A rotten weekend and my own stupidity

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Friday night started out good. I went to a work Christmas dinner and easy child was my date since husband still isn't home. It was a nice dinner. Got home to a very drunk difficult child-A. I just went to bed. It wasn't worth a battle that night.

    Got up Saturday morning to easy child telling me that he was going to ruin my day. According to easy child, difficult child-A got a call at 3:30 am from a friend that was just jumped and needed a ride. difficult child-A talked easy child into giving him a ride. They got to the scene and instead of difficult child-A trying to help his friend into the car he decided to go confront the people. easy child said he was leaving, call me when you need a ride home. 20 minutes later, easy child gets a call from a friend of difficult child-A's because he was just arrested.

    So that was how I started out my Saturday morning. difficult child-A in jail on assault 4 and an MIC. husband and I decided when the kids were young, we would not bail them out. And they all know that would be our choice. So, we let difficult child-A sit. It was very hard (probably because it was my first time). Then I found out from easy child that the community service difficult child-A was supposed to do by the end of December was actually supposed to be done 3 weeks ago. It was for a deferment on a traffic ticket. But now he has that to deal with.

    Oh, but the good news (yeah, right) is that they dropped all charges and released difficult child-A (According to difficult child-A). After all, they were just having a friendly boxing match in the backyard... That's why he has a black eye and a broken nose? difficult child-A stuck to his story even when I called BS.

    My stupidity is the fact that I actually thought difficult child-A would be sitting in jail thinking about his situation and learning from it..... can we all say "Duuuuuhh!" Why I even thought for a second that difficult child-A would learn something is beyond me. I should of known better!!

    Oh well. I'll be better prepared the next time. Since difficult child-A is so cocky since he got off, this will be just one of many I am sure.
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    Oh Im so sorry. I understand your frustration so well. I always thought that if they made a bigger deal out of the first arrest then maybe they wouldnt see the people back in court time and time again. I know it worked that way for me! I was arrested back when I was 19 on a bogus charge and they went the whole shebang of the shower for lice, strip and cavity search. It was so awful and humiliating. Scared me straight...lol. They have never done that to my son...they just popped him on the hand for so long.