A very good Monday morning my friends.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    Waking to a warm 36 degrees out this morning - the breeze out of the south & it feels springlike. I plan to enjoy the freshness in the air as long as I can. :beautifulthing:

    I have PT :exercisebike:this morning along with a couple of short errands to run - one including the library to learn how to download audio books. Whoever started that thread over in with-C lit a fire under me. husband is the one who kept telling me to utilize my PDA; it's a done deal. Our statewide library system shares audio books & has access to, I believe it's Clevenet, that was mentioned. I believe I'll dig through the local here first. I'm so looking forward to "reading" :reading:again.

    kt promised to help me clean up the bird sanctuary area when she gets home from school this afternoon. Raking up seed hulls, put out corn cobs for the squirrels; clean out the feeders & such. I expect, for me it will be a 2 day project. I'm hoping kt will stay on task so we can finish it up today.

    kt has planned cooking dinner tonight - husband is looking forward to a dinner of Untidy Josephs with fresh vegie sticks & tater tots. I'm looking forward to the break from cooking. :bigsmile:

    Enjoy your Monday; may it be a calm day with cooperation & laughter thrown about. Hug your loved ones. :grounch_day: Even the grouchy ones.
  2. Marcie Mac

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    Linda, what does the dinner selection of "Untidy Joseph's" consist of??

    Its only 2:30 here, but tomorrow promises rain - its been raining for days on end now. Rain seems to be a no win situation in Ca - Everything nice and green, then it dies when the heat comes, then it burns when the fire comes, then we have mudslides when the rains come again.

    My little Jack Russel has woken me up tonight with her hmmmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmm sound which means she wants to go out and play in the rain. If she would quietly do her thing of digging in the mud puddles, I would let her, but she unfortunately barks at the rain comming off the roof and the neighbors I am sure would not be happy campers - bad enough she will bark till she is horse, but sets the other dogs off barking at her. You can just see the pure joy in her when she leaps and attacks the puddles thinking there is something under there, though I experience absolutely NO joy when I try and get her to come in. Yesterday morning I couldn't catch her fast enough and she darted, mud up to her eyeballs, inside and raced to our bedroom. I heard a lot of baaaaddddd words comming out of SO's mouth who was pounced on by 12 pound mud ball as I was running up the hallway after her LOL

  3. Fran

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    Good morning Linda. It does sound like you have a break from frigid temps. Let those breezes in to thaw you out.

    I'm still at the shore with the weather and temp changing depending on the time of day. Yesterday was foggy until noon or so. It's great walking the beach in the fog. Lots of large shells in the winter. The afternoon was pleasant and sunny. Not sure what today will bring.

    The eating healthier mode is still ongoing. Much easier to do if one lives in a cocoon with no distractions.

    Today is normal work stuff and maybe a bit of reading in the sunshine.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Hi Marcie, you snuck in on me. I love that your JR likes to attack the mud puddles. How cute and messy.
    We had to do an unexpected bathroom run for one of our pups this AM. Ugh. Glad that doesn't happen often.
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day Linda * Marcie Mac, and all to follow.

    Linda, having kt help you is really good. Can she help clean AND cook dinner though? Not too much multi-tasking for her?

    Marcie - I think Linda means "sloppy Joe". I had to laugh at the Jack Russell - they're funny little dogs. A friend of ours has a miniature Jack Russell called Elvis. He almost got eaten by the local 3 metre long Diamond Python, but he was just too big a mouthful - the snake got him halfway down the gullet when the dog came round from being nearly asphyxiated and tried to scrabble free. The snake finally spat him out. The local paper said, "ELVIS LIVES!" So does the snake - grown even bigger now.

    Another fairly quiet day. I'm taking it easy. I dropped in to visit my best friend who has been too busy to be home much over the last couple of weeks. We chatted for a while then I headed home to get lunch (we tend to fend for ourselves on weekends, including long weekends) then difficult child 3, husband & I went down to the beach for a swim. But the water was so cold! After yesterday, this felt icy. As the tide turned and came back in it seemed to warm a little. The weather report said the temp is 22C, but it sure didn't feel more than 18C. difficult child 3 went in, he could swim in the Antarctic I reckon. husband dived in and almost dived back out. The only people who seemed OK with it were the daily regulars, who swim very day of the year regardless of the weather.

    Plenty of sunshine though. Even at 5.30 pm, husband said he could feel the sting of sunburn on his shoulders.

    Back home we cooked rack of lamb (we accumulate racks every time I buy a side of lamb) and mashed potato. husband does the best mash...

    Tomorrow easy child 2/difficult child 2 & I are heading out early to see our GP. We'll go early to give BF2 a lift to work. TECHNICALLY, the new school term begins in the morning, but kids don't go back for another day or so. I think difficult child 3's start date is Thursday, but I'm hoping to get him working by Wednesday if possible. But then, I'm a MEEAAN Mumma!

    Enjoy your Monday!

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm guessing untidy josephs are sloppy joes? Sounds yummy. Enjoy the break from cooking and your time in the yard.

    MarcieMac-I can understand SO's frustration over a muddy dog. My dog loves the mud as well. Luckily she never wants to go out at 2 in the morning. I hope it dries up soon!

    Fran-Sounds like you are enjoying a relaxing time on the beach. It sounds so peaceful!

    Marg-Sorry the water was so icy. I know my difficult child would go in but I wouldn't!

    It's warm here this morning-already in the high 30s like Linda and we're going up to 45. The temp change from last week is amazing. Of course, it is going to rain so we'll probably still have indoor recesses-yuck!

    I have a new student and a new student teacher starting today. I'm now up to 28 students which is a very large class. It will be nice to have a student teacher-she will be there every day until the end of the year.

    After work I'm planning on the health club and difficult child has religious ed class (if he is feeling better. He was off and on all weekend with flu like-but no fever stuff).

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day! Hi if you snuck in!!
  6. house of cards

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    morning all, Linda the sloppy joes had my mind spinning for awhile, it takes time for it to turn on in the morning, hope you have a productive day without overdoing it too much. Your bird friends will love you.
    Marcie, I would get a laugh out of the dog jumping on my husband too but I probably would have still been cussing the little darling out myself..what a mess.
    Fran, enjoy the shore, I love to just sit and look out at the waves especially off season when you can have the peace and solitude, hope the weather is nice.
    Marg, I don't know if I should wince or laugh about the little dog story...as long as he is ok I'll do both. I can't get into the cold water either but I never minded as a kid.
    Sharon, I'm glad you have a student teacher coming, 28 is alot of students now a days, Not to date myself but I think my largest class had 35 students in it in elementary school, unbelievable.
    School is off today but I still need to take my youngest to speech, I will take the twins with me and leave D and C home with my teenager. I wisely picked the ones to take so I expect a pleasant morning.LOL
  7. RobinD

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    I just love Monday mornings especially when the kids have school. I get them out the door as fast as I can. I go back to sleep until 10 am! Nice to relax after the kids go to school. And than the day seems to go so fast and before you know its 3 pm and kids will be coming thru thru the door.

    Well its' in the 40's today we are finally warming up in Wisconsin for a little while I guess!