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    G'day people.

    We've had a fairly quiet day today although I've been busy. I had a client on the phone this morning, working on her book. She rang early, I had to take a break to get difficult child 3 moving. Then during a break from the client, mother in law rang - dishwasher had broken down and her nurse hadn't turned up to do her pressure stockings. So I headed down to help out. Found mother in law's legs in poor shape so I rang the nurse to get annoyed with them.

    As a result I spent the rest of the day back home on the phone, trying to find another service provider. Turns out we've got the only one that comes to our isolated neck of the woods. If we increased the service (included showering her, for example) then we would have much more choice plus they would turn up earlier.

    I'm about to head down to mother in law's to cook dinner (we do this every night) so I'll talk to her in detail then.

    Sis-in-law arrives tomorrow from the other side of the country. She's coming over for a family wedding on Friday. It will be good to see her, it's always an interesting time when she visits.

    Enjoy your Monday.

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    Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!!!!!

    Marg, perhaps adding services would insure care for mother in law. Unbelievable that health care workers can be so irresponsible... Enjoy the visit with sister in law this week.

    Wonderfully relaxing weekend for difficult child and me. The end included my favorite pedicurist coming over last night to "do my feet" (easy child). difficult child came to me last night and said he was going up bed an hour early for his first day back at school! No excuse for this week not to start of well at my house!

    Hope your Monday is peaceful and your difficult children get the No Meltdown Memo!

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    Good Morning,

    Marg, It rots that in order for your mother in law to receive better care, she needs increased services. If there is better care for those who need more help, then there is absolutely no reason why that same level of care can't be provided for those who are a bit more self sufficient. I take that back - At least where I live, it's all about the dollar.... Glad you'll be having a fun time Friday!

    Sharon (LDM), How nice of easy child to give you a pedicure! It's nice that you and difficult child had a relaxing weekend. A good weekend always makes Mondays a bit easier.

    easy child/difficult child 3 worked during the day Saturday and then again Sunday night so husband and I had to schedule our weekend around when she needed to be dropped off and picked up. Sunday was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. We spent most of it outside, enjoying the weather. We stopped at an outdoor outlet mall and although we didn't buy anything, we did lots of window shopping. Then we went out for dinner before picking easy child/difficult child 3 up at work. This morning my favorite sanity saver has a vet appointment - It's time for shots. Going to have one more cup of coffee and get going. Hope Monday is a good one for all... SFR
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    Great idea Sharon/SFR, except my mum is her own worst enemy in this area.

    She is so determined to "be independent" that she won't accept extra services, even the assistance putting on her pressure stockings is under protest but she sees it as "not being a burden" on us. It is, but one we've undertaken with our eyes open. She can't (or won't) see that the worry about her is also a burden.

    My sister is in for a shock because Mum has physically deteriorated a LOT since she last saw her at Christmas but she may be able to get her accept the showering assistance for the sake of the stockings.

    Marg's mother had terrific problems with leg ulcers for the whole time I knew her; Mum knows this and we are using her example as a reason for insisting on the stockings, pointing out that the stockings are a much better prospect than ulcers.

    Ex-nurses - the worst patients of all! (but I love her dearly)

    Marg's Man
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    Marg's Man,

    trying to help our parents as they age, and as they deny, is probably tougher than raising a easy child toddler! I've only just begun to deal with the issue with my mom - who remains very much independent - but, like your sis, I notice the changes almost every time I see her.