A very good Tuesday morning.....

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    I've yet to fall asleep for the night so I thought I'd start the GM thread. :bloodshot: I may yet sleep this morning but I doubt I will before kt gets up for school. Oh well.....maybe I'll pay some bills or something.

    I've got a new idea for a painting in the works & am excited to get to it :painter:! I found a photo of a cat sitting in a copper colander & I've already sketched it out. I'm working out the colors over the next few days before I start on a good canvas. I think I'll give it to kt for Christmas.

    Nothing on the schedule today (thank goodness) other than in home therapist & I'm out of that. kt & her PCA are planning on heading down to the beach for a swim & some serious play.

    Have a happy, productive day, friends. Hope it's calm & cooperative in your households.
  2. Marguerite

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    Enjoy your day, Linda. Find the peaceful bits and immerse yourself in them.

    We had a quiet day today. difficult child 3 & I are dog-sitting for two days, this morning we walked around to collect the dog to take her for a walk. I made sure there was food left for the cat then set off after difficult child 3 & the dog. He's squeamish, so I have to do the plastic bag thing when the dog does her business. The garbos were doing their rounds, so it was easy to get rid of the bag afterwards. They do their rounds late in our village, because if the bins are put out overnight, the herds of deer knock them over and spread stuff everywhere.
    I noticed a strong smell about the dog and was getting ready to give her a bath. They've recently put her on dry food, when I inspected her I found she was clean. Just smelly. I was very glad to give her to difficult child 3 to take her for a second walk later this afternoon, and put her back in her own home! Phew!

    We'll take her for another long walk in the morning, then go out to do the shopping. Her owners will be home tomorrow afternoon.

    Despite my attempts to air the house husband noticed the smell when he got home from work tonight. He thought it was the boys' room!

    I had hoped to get difficult child 3 to finish his film project for school, but not with the dog needing to be minded. Maybe Thursday? Here's hoping. School goes back on Monday for Term 3, I want that film submitted!

    The festivities for World Youth Day have ramped up a few more notches, the crowds are hundreds of thousands. Sydney's main streets have been shut down, it's unheard of. Not even in the Olympics, or APEC, did we shut down to this extent. But the joy is wonderful. And I'm not even Catholic!

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    :cheerleader: Good Tuesday Morning!!!

    Linda, hope you get some rest today and kt has fun at the beach!

    Marg, stinky dog!!!!!! Hope difficult child 3 gets his film project completed. I've been seeing coverage on youth day and it is inspirational.

    I'll hit the office this morning in the hopes of getting home by lunch. I attacked, without difficult child's help yesterday, one of the closets in the family room yesterday. The closet I did yesterday was the cooler, beach/pool stuff, cleaning supplies, and lots and lots and lots of junk!!!!!! It looks amazing and the yard sale pile is growing! The closet I will do today is the "winter" closet. Want to tackle that as soon as I get home.

    difficult child went to the pool with me yesterday. He just played alone while I did my class. By the time I was done, he was about ready to leave since both us of were a little "prunie". No class tonight, but we will go and do some laps and play.

    Wishing everyone a great Tuesday :peaceful:

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Linda- The painting sounds great! I hope you have a quiet, enjoyable day working out it's specifics.:painter:

    Marg- Eeew! Stinky dog! I'd make sure to clean that dog before it came back to my house again!:cool_dog:

    LDM- I'm finding my house is a lot neater when I make an effort to clean up and clean out a closet, storage area or cabinet each week. It's truly amazing how much extra stuff we have in here!:good_morning:

    Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days, I've been under the weather and barely able to keep up with my real world duties. I did, however, start Duckie's back to school shopping! :hammer: Plus, I had a clean house for all of Sunday after cleaning all day Saturday!

    We'll run to the park this morning where Duckie's teacher is dong a little lesson/activity each week. This week, the kids will celebrate Bastile Day. They'll sing the French national anthem and have a look at his mini guillotine. Her teacher is quite a character, lol! :liberty:

    Then, Duckie and I head up to our local Children's Hospital this afternoon for an ortho consult. So hopefully, we'll have an idea why her hands are so weak. I'm a wreck because I hate trying to find myself around the hospital's neighborhood for parking and the floor layout is absolutely confusing. I'm convinced it will take us forever to find parking and we'll get turned around at least once in the hospital, lol!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  5. hearts and roses

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    Good morning everyone! Wow, it's been a long time since I did the morning thread.

    Linda, just reading about your painting project was relaxing to me. Enjoy.

    Marg, why do dogs always smell funky when they are on a dry food diet? I noticed that also - ick! Enjoy the WYD.

    LDM, I have some closets to tackle as well. I am thinking that in late summer I will have a tag sale and maybe make a few dollars for all my hard labors. lol

    TM, BACK TO SCHOOL??? ALREADY??? Whew, I am so glad that I am done in that department. haha -

    I am taking my mom up to visit easy child at her apt today. We'll have lunch at the cafe where easy child's baked goods end up. It's a gorgeous ride up throught the northwest corner of CT up into Duchess county NY. I am sure my mom will love it, even if she doesn't remember where we're going - lol.

    difficult child has found someone to give her a ride to an interview. It's a new boy. She says they are nothing, but my gut is telling me otherwise. Here We Go Again, can I borrow your screen name?? lol.

    Have a lovely day everyone and hello to anyone who comes after me.
  6. Marguerite

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    Sharon/LDM, you're sounding very organised. I'm not game to throw out my misfitting clothes - I might need them when I go off this diet.

    TM, sounds like a really fun day. A day late for Bastille day, though.

    Jo, your state sounds beautiful. I've seen photos of Connecticut, I'm sure your mother will enjoy the drive.

    About the dog - if the problem is a flatulent dog, no amount of bathing can help. And dry food = flatulence, in some dogs. Their food is more concentrated which often equates to stronger smell. I think the owners switched to dry food because they're very lazy about cleaning the bowls. Every time I dog-sit, the bowls would have stale, dried pet food in the bowls going rancid or bad, but they would just dump more food on top which would taint all of it. They animal would then leave it, which would mean a lot more pet food going dry and revolting which would force them to clean it out. Dry food is easier, doesn't go rancid so obviously. And I noticed, neither of these animals likes it much. I really feel very sorry for this dog and cat, but not so sorry that I can have that dog in the house so much while she stinks so badly.
    The owners will spend money on a shiny collar and on vet treatment, but they don't like washing the food bowls twice daily.
    I'm going to give those bowls a thorough clean in the morning. The owners even left their washing up soaking in the sink. They make me feel SOOOO much better about my untidy house. At least our place doesn't have rancid food lying around in the sinks and in bowls.

    I'm going to enjoy a very virtuous day tomorrow. I have to watch it that I don't get too smug!

  7. hearts and roses

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    Marg, we feed our dogs a raw food diet and they have a beautiful coat and skin, they don't smell and their breath isn't even that bad! They almost eat the bowls because they love it so much. But, I would never recommend it to people who can't be bothered cleaning a dog's bowl. When feeding a raw diet, you must be very clean and scrupulous about putting food into a clean bowl. That's too bad they are so lazy and lax about it. I know what you mean about being smug, hahaha. I think sometimes I sound a bit preachy with easy child when talking about her [non-existent] training methods, lol. And her pup is a little thing, yet she loves the raw diet also. At least easy child is good about that. Its the housebreaking and crate training she doesn't do so the pup 'goes' whereever she happens to be. Stupid. Oh well, I'm puppy sitting this week, so when she's at my house, she's crated and taken outside to 'go'.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-Your idea of a painting sounds great.:painter: I wish I had even a smidgen of artistic talent!

    Marg-Stinky dog smell-yuck!:cool_dog: The World Youth Day sounds exciting!

    LDM-You are so ambitious with the closets-you could always come to my house next! It's great that difficult child had so much fun in the water.:swimming:The water used to be one place where my difficult child seemed the least gfgish.

    TM-Sorry you haven't been feeling well.:sick: I hope you are doing better. Keeping my fingers crossed the parking isn't a problem and you find your way around with no problem.

    Jo-Good to "see" you this morning. Sounds like you have a wonderful day planned-enjoy!:D

    Today is a day of no appts-yahoo! husband and I will go to the club this morning. difficult child has wrestling camp this afternoon.

    It's going to be a hot one today and I'm meeting my best friend and god son at the local pool! I can't think of a better way to spend the day.:swimming:

    Wishing everyone a day filled with peace:peaceful:
  9. donna723

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    'Morning, everyone ... I'm home "sick" today.

    Marg, the smelly dog could have a yeast condition on it's skin. They get that way for a variety of reasons - allergies, being on antibiotics, changing food, etc. They can also get yeast infections in their ears and it makes a bad odor. Are the insides of it's ears very pink? Does the new food they put him on have corn in it? Lots of dogs are allergic to it and get skin problems from it. I have one that has bad allergies to just about everything and has skin troubles that I've decided may be yeast-related, since I've already eliminated everything she's allergic to. She doesn't really reek, but does have an odor a week or so after she's had a bath. I have a special shampoo (Malaseb) from the vet to bathe her in twice a week. And something that really works with yeast problems is to put a spoonful of plain unflavored yogurt in their food every day. It MUST be plain yogurt, not the flavored varieties.

    Another bonus thing the yogurt really helps with is "doggie flatulance"! I have two Boston Terriers and Bostons are notorious for being very prolific little gas-bags who can clear a room with one little "toot"! It's their trademark! If they're really bad it's a sign that they're not digesting their food well and a switch to another brand with different high quality ingredients is in order. But for the every day stuff, a spoonful of plain yogurt mixed with their food can work wonders! Who knew!