A woman gives birth to twins at 60!


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A sixty-year old woman gave birth to twins in New Jersey. Can you even imagine? In an article in my local newspaper today, the new mom states, "Age has been redefined."

Here's a link to the story on MSNBC:

Sixty-year-old woman gives birth to twins

So ladies. . .any CD board members planning to take advantage of this new definition?

Let's see, if I got pregnant now, the baby would be born when I was 53. . . Oh hell, shoot me now and get it over with.

The only thing I plan to do at 60 is get a face lift.


Never, never, never!




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My 62 year old aunt was just talking about this, lol! She thinks that this woman must be well off or lucky enough to have a lot of help. My aunt's youngest grandchildren are 19 month old twin girls that are very active. Very active indeed!

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I think someone of this age that has this overwhelming urge to be a mother needs some serious psychological help.

Good grief - she will be 77 years old when prom time comes around


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I personally think the woman is off her nut. :surprise:

I can understand the desire to become a mother. But I'm not even 45 yet and know the last thing I want to do is to start over again with an infant/toddler. :faint:

Grandkids are exhausting enough. And I can send them to their Moms. :rofl:


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I saw this woman on TV yesterday. If I heard it right, she also has a six-year-old child and other grown children! She seemed a bit looney to me, like she was in complete denial of the fact that she is getting older and that her health and stamina will decline. She'll be 78 when these twins graduate from high school!

They were saying that her adult children were NOT at all happy about her decision to have these babies. And who could blame them! They may very well be the ones who end up responsible for raising them if "mommy" isn't quite as indestructible as she thinks she is!

Sometimes, just because you "can", doesn't mean that you "should"!


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And WHAT is sooooooo funny??????? I'm 56 and have an eleven year old. Ummm, weeeeell......ok, maybe I'm a bit looney! (difficult child is adopted, of course)

All joking aside, she just doesn't know what she's gotten in to. What color does you're hair turn after it turns grey?

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:hammer: I believe I'll pass on the privilege of producing children at 60 (even if I could). At 60, I'd like to enjoy grandchildren, golf & piano. I hope I'll have done my job in parenting the tweedles (one can always hope) & launch them into the adult world. :wink:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Marcie Mac</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Good grief - she will be 77 years old when prom time comes around

Think she'll still be alive?


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I have to think any woman who takes these steps to have babies at age 60 does it for attention more than anything else.
Oh, I am having way too much fun now to wish for more babies.

It would be fascinating to hear how this woman arrived at her decision.

I'm with you guys on this one ~ a nice facelift, a karate or a yoga class, Tai Chi as I age.

Speaking of facelifts, did anyone see that photo of Pamela Anderson on the cover of one of those grocery store newspapers?

There was a fold in one of her :censored2:. An actual fold, where something had collapsed or something. She was wearing a bikini, and you could see the fold quite clearly.




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Isnt this unreal?

I am 45 and can hardly keep up with the grands! I tend to look at people my age who have kids and think they are a bit off their rocker...lol. My dad and I were just laughing the other day because my cousins have just started to have their children and here I am with my grandkids coming along. We think I am the lucky one...lmao. Im done.


I can't imagine doing this either. I am only 35 and breifly thought about having my tubal ligation reversed. husband was so excited. Then I think it hit me one day when I was able to leave easy child and difficult child alone so that I could go get a manicure...uhhhh yeah, I enjoy my little bit of freedom way too much. Its sad when you get excited cause your kids are getting older, and start to count down the years when you 'think' they will leave the nest.
I know I know, wishful thinking, right?
Hey a girl can dream can't she?


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She is married to an attorney. She has two adult children over
25 and a 6 year old boy...it doesn't say if he was conceived
with help as his Mom would have been 54.

At least she is not a completely off the wall single Mom with no
means of support. Even so.......add me to the list that think
the lady is nuts. Yes, I'm well over 60!

I had a casual friend who was thrilled to get pregnant when she
was 25. Her Mom told her "I'm going to make a baby, too, and
then we can share parenting." All of us thought her Mom was
kidding because she was in her early 50's. She wasn't. She gave
birth two months after her daughter. They both had boys AND both
boys called my friend "Mom". It was too hard on Grandma.

Ironically, my friend died unexpectedly before 35 from an aneurism (sp?) and even then, Grandma didn't step up to the plate. The widower raised both boys. Truth is stranger than
fiction! DDD


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she was in her early 50's. She gave
birth two months after her daughter. They both had boys AND both
boys called my friend "Mom". It was too hard on Grandma.

Ironically, my friend died unexpectedly before 35 from an aneurism (sp?) and even then, Grandma didn't step up to the plate. The widower raised both boys.

<span style='font-size: 20pt'><span style="color: #009900">OMG!!!</span></span>


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Think she'll still be alive?

Good question. I was watching a special today on baboons, and the males sometimes kill other males' babies to ensure that his takeover of a pack is complete. He spends 24/7 making sure everyone is safe, and the min. one of the females stops nursing and becomes fertile, he mates with-her... whole point being, that in nature, animals tend to do what is best for survival.

WHAT is best for your children's survival when you are not even around to watch over them? It is the antithesis of survival.


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What bothered me when I saw this woman on TV was that she seemed to be in total denial of the fact that she's going to get OLD! She went on and on about how good she felt at 60 and how much energy she had, like she thinks that's going to automatically continue through the next 18 years! Can you imagine raising two teenage boys when you're in your late 70's! I mean, I know grandparents who have done it, but certainly not by choice!

I'm past sixty now too and still feel great, but you never know. In less than a year I have lost three good friends at work, all my age or younger, two from cancer and one from a heart attack. Another almost died from a stroke and a lady several years younger than me is slowly recuperating from brain surgery for a ruptured aneurism and not doing very well. And just a few weeks ago one of my cousins died in her sleep - she was only 56. Unfortunately, you just don't know what's down the road. Kind of scary, but certainly no time to be bringing a child into the world!

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I think she should have her head examined. How old is her lawyer husband? Was his choice factored into this decision or did she cook this up on her own??


I thought I would be sad when the day would come that I couldn't have anymore children. It came via surgery due to a tumor. But not sad at all. I see my sister in law with her only child (she's 48, baby just turned two). This is a desperately wanted child, and a miracle in all. But, I do not have the energy to WATCH her. I would need a world of support..like a live in nanny if I were to have kids at this age. A nanny for the baby and a nurse for me!


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We adopted our difficult child at birth when we were both 45. NO, we didn't know of the mental illness that was ahead for us, but I often think what would have become of him if he was with his young(er), poorly educated, oblivious, bio mom. Bio father has been in jail since difficult child was born. difficult child would be looking at a world of trouble.

We are a young 56 right now and perfectly able to take care of our eleven-year-old. None of us knows what's in store for us, trust me.