Abbey, how are things going?

I found myself thinking about you last night, Abbey. So, this morning, I looked to see whether you had posted an update lately.

How is everything going with J?



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Thanks so much for thinking of me. :smile: It couldn't have been a better time.

I haven't heard from J since mother's day, so I have no update. Hopefully things are the same as he seemed to be in a good spot.

I've got one week left of school and am REALLY looking forward to the break. Now, if I can get husband to stop booking me for events, I'd be a BIG happy camper.

I actually got online early today to research Zoloft, which is what my doctor put me on yesterday. Haven't taken any yet. That should tell you MY state of mind. :hammer:

Again, thanks.



No news can be good news, so I'm with you.

Hope the Zoloft works out for you. Finding the right medication is definately art vs science.

Bleep! on too many bookings. I had to break husband of the bad habit of committing my time with-o consulting me first. He committed me to babysitting his 1st grandchild one weekend. I became unavailable, and grandpa had to do the sitting. He's a fast learner on some issues. lol It's never happened again. lol


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Abbey, glad to hear you are trying a new medication. I hope it has no reactions for you and is helpful in lifting your black cloud.