ABC News Video on Aspergers and Bullying

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    Thank you for sharing that! I want to learn more about the college he's attending, too!
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    My easy child 2 went through all the bullying and he really only has one or two good friends from childhood. He had one good friend from grade school all the way through HS and beyond who always stood by easy child 2 and always stood up for him when he was being treated unfairly. They are still best friends and difficult child spends every Saturday with him and his wife.

    My easy child 2 is 27 now and he endured alot of abuse more than I care to write about because it makes me so very angry to remember it. I am glad that some school districts are finally putting programs in schools that teach "normal" kids to be kind to disabled kids. It really stinks that it took this long though. -RM
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    Thanks. What college is that? I tried searching but did nto come of with it. It starts with a R in NJ? Compssion
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    This is an amazing story on Asperger's and I can see my 12-year-old in the college student they profile. I wish I could show this to every teacher, every kid, and every parent at his middle school.