Acceptable Foods on gluten-free, casein-free Diet

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    Acceptable Additives
    Gluten and Casein Free Additives

    Acacia Gum ok
    Adenosine 5 ok
    Amaranth ok
    Annatto Color ok
    Arabic Gum ok
    Ascorbic Acid ok

    Beta Carotene ok
    Biotin ok
    Brown & Rice flour ok

    Buckwheat flour and groats (Kasha) ok
    note: Buckwheat has no botanical relationship to wheat.

    Calcium Chloride ok
    Calcium Phosphate ok
    Carboxymethylcellulose ok
    Carob Bean Gum ok
    Carrageenan ok
    Cellulose Gum ok
    Citric Acid ok
    Corn Sweetener ok
    Corn meal (and polenta) ok
    Corn Syrup Solids ok

    Dextrimaltose ok
    Dextrose ok
    Dioctyl Sodium ok

    Folic Acid-Folacin ok
    Fructose ok
    Fumaric Acid ok

    Glutamine (amino acid) ok
    Glyceryl Nono-Oleate ok
    Glycerol Monooleate ok
    Guar Gum ok

    Invert Sugar ok

    Lactate/ Lactic acid **** this is found naturally in sour milk but also commercially produced from whey, cornstarch, potatoes and molasses. Therefore, if listed on a product as an ingredient, you must verify it's source.

    Calcium Disodium EDTA
    This additive does NOT contain any gluten or casein. However, although the body absorbs only about 5 percent of the calcium disodium EDTA swallowed, many believe that this additive is overdue for testing to resolve any questions about its safety. When heated, it gives off toxic nitrous oxide fumes.

    Lecithin ok
    Lentils ok
    Locust Bean Gum ok

    M Vitamins & Minerals ok
    Magnesium Hydroxide ok
    Malic Acid ok
    Microcrystallin Cellulose ok
    Millet (pilaf and flour) ok
    MSG made in the USA (not recommended)

    Niacin-Niacinamide ok

    Poha (poha is beaten rice that has the texture of oatmeal when used in recipes) ok
    Polyglycerol ok
    Polysorbate 60; 80 (not recommended)
    Potassium Citrate ok
    Potassium Iodide ok
    Potato starch ok
    potato flour ok
    Propylene Gycol Monostearete ok
    Propylgallate ok
    Pyridoxine Hydrochloride ok

    Quinoa flour ok

    Rice cereal ok
    Rice flour (brown or white) ok

    Safflower oil ok
    Sodium Acid Pyraphosphate ok
    Sodium Ascorbate ok
    Sodium Benzoate ok
    Sodium Citrate ok
    Sodium Hexametaphosphate ok
    Sodium Nitrate ok
    Sodium Silaco Aluminate ok
    Sorbitol-Mannitol (can cause IBS symptoms)
    Sorghum flour ok
    Soy (unless intolerant) ok
    Sphingolipids ok
    Sucrose ok
    Sulfosuccinate ok
    Sweet potato flour ok

    Tapioca Starch (produced from cassava) ok
    Teff ok
    Tartaric Acid ok
    TBHQ is Tetra or Tributylhydroquinone ok
    Thiamine HydrochorideTragacanth Gum ok
    Tri-Calcium Phosphate ok

    Vanilla (PURE vanilla) read labels
    Vanillan (gluten-free, casein-free FREE BUT HIGHLY PHENOLIC, FOR KIDS WITH A PST PROBLEM IT IS A BAD)
    Vitamin A (palmitate) ok

    Xanthan Gum ok

    Yucca (cassava flour) ok

    Check all ingredients on labels

    Alternatives to Wheat
    There are two true grains that are the most further removed, genetically, from wheat. They are teff, which came to us from Ethiopia via a Peace Core worker, and wild rice, which is being grown and harvested by native Americans, mostly in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern Idaho. Genetically, wild rice differs significantly from our common strains of rice.

    Acceptable Foods
    Acceptable to the best of our knowledge READ LABELS
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    This is a wonderful and huge list!!! THANK YOU for taking the time to put it on. its also very nice to see what they can have instead of focusing on what they can't have.I didn't read the whole list right this that fast of a reader but looked through it and noticed...with luck or whatever that I am actually given Nate some of these foods already... but I doubt the stuff he gets, like the cookies and butter and stuff are gluten free.

    But hopefully next year will go better on the diet front with him. I am printing this out for refence...thanks again (oh right now I am not focusing much on the diet...I mean I am following his normal diet of things he is allergic too of course..don't even have most of that in the house...but with this mess in town right now we are just trying to stay safe)

    Julie with son named Nathan which mean a gift from God. Some gifts are hard one. He is allergic to eighteen different airborne things including mold, some grass, trees and dogs.Also food allergies: milk, eggs, soy and yeast. Motto: There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to find the right tunnel.
    Nathan my difficult child, diagnosis with a senory intergration disorder and disruptive disorder, autiory processing disorder, gross and fine motor delays. Allergies medications only., now five yrs old. Ketcup makes him know because of the vingear in it (yeast)
    Me, mom currently no medications. 39yrs old, an older mom but don't seem to be any wiser.
    DEX: Nate's dad sitting in jail where he belongs.
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    I'll archive this.. THANKS

    7 yr old girl Bipolar/ADD/ODD
    Currently on a new natural treatment (wish me luck)
    off ALL medications!!
    Fav. Funny quote- "Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll
    probably still be a dog. <Sigh!> There's so little hope for advancement."
    - Snoopy

    "With out God, my life would fall apart"