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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by strong mom of one, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Hi all so my 7 yr old daughter has been diagnosedf with adhd and odd we started concerta the first week it was a mild dose
    then we went to 36 mg after that and I was sure it was working...
    so at this point she has only been on it 3 weeks this sat on the stronger dose for 2 well...i dont think its working is this possible that she needs a higher dose or maybe this medication is not for her?...anyone experience this?
  2. smallworld

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    Welcome! When you say Concerta is not working, what symptoms exactly are you seeing?
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    my son has had no luck with extended release medications so he has to take a short acting dose twice a day and it works quite well
    you should really talk to the person prescribing the medications and don't worry about bothering them i have been known to call the doctor at home on the weekend
    be sure to share details with us and the doctor about you daughters behavior there is great advice here and you can ask your doctor about what you learn here
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    I agree with Chistal that you really need to talk with the doctor who prescribed the concerta.

    Small asks a good question. What makes you think it is not working? 36 mg is a pretty high dose. Is she exactly the same as premed?

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    No stims worked for my son. It turned out he isn't ADHD, but is on the autism spectrum. What type of professional gave you the ADHD diagnosis? Frankly, it is usually the first one the kids get and often it's not the real one or the final one. Being hyper has many causes.
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    Talk to the doctor takes a lot of trial an error with medications sometimes. Our difficult child tried 3 different add medications before finding one that's working well. And like the others said, diagnosis may need to change. Good luck!
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    i love your avatar it reminds me of myself on most days