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    Hi I am new to this forum, but recently I have been dealing with some issues that I need some help and support with and someone reccomended this site to me. My dss9 is adhd and on concerta, for two years his systems have been controled well and he has done fine in school, not all of a sudden this year his is out of control, fighting in school, threatening other people, drawing violent pictures, plus his grades are slipping. I upped his dosage of medicine on the 11th, but so far with little results. My question is, has anyone else dealt with this, what did you do and how long should I give the new dosage before I take him back to the doctor???? Also I am thinking that sleep depirvation may be playing into this behavior and could use some advice on how to help him get a decent amount of sleep, he is a wonderer and we had a door buzzer but I quit setting it because he would rather pee down his ac vent then set the buzzer off to go to the bathroom (and yes he knew he would not get in trouble if he really had to go)
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    Gosh, we've just been through this, but we're using Adderal.
    We increased the Adderal 5 mg because he's getting taller and gaining a tiny bit of wt. and we got a scrip for anxiety/aggression--clonidine--and a scrip for sleeping (an antihistamine). They seem to be helping a lot.
    The medications will never be perfect but I have to say, between the medications and therapy it has helped a lot.
    Also, my son hasn't been aggressive at school, for the most part.
    Others here have experience with-concerta.
    Could you write your son's age and diagnosis and dosage in your profile so we can see it every time? It would help a lot.
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    Are you satisfied that he has ADHD? Are you sure it isn't something else? Sounds more like a mood disorder to this layman mom. I wouldn't increase his medications. I'd get a new evaluation (I love NeuroPsychs). Are there any mood problems or substance abuse on either side of the family tree? Was his early development--speech, socializing with peers, eye contact, transitions, imaginery play all normal? Sounds like he has sensory issues too--and why does he not sleep? I'd want him completely checked out with a look at all disorders. Welcome to the board.
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    Hi Amber and welcome (by the way, if that is your real name, you might want to consider changing your screen name for privacy's sake).

    I think I would take him back to doctor now. I have a very low tolerance for violence in any form and this change in his behavior I think is concerning. I would also suggest talking to doctor about the sleep issues. Peeing down the AC vents.... oh my goodness!!

    thank you was younger when we were dealing with sleep issues. I honestly don't know how we made it work but somehow we got him to comply (for the most part) with the house rule: 8:00 (or whenever) is bedtime, which means body is in bed. He could have toys, or books, or whatever, but he *had* to be in bed. It's been a long time but I think when he got up, we'd just guide him back to bed with a different stuffed animal or toy or book. Of course in later years he'd comply with the bedtime thing but would be screaming at us well into the night ;) but he *was* in bed.

    Welcome and glad you found us!!