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My husband drinks everyday, and has become an addict to alcohol. He is into the substance abuse disorder due to his dependence on alcohol. Because I scold him everyday, he agreed not to drink anymore, but yesterday I caught him drinking in his car. I was shocked to see that! And it’s totally affecting the wellbeing of our relationship. He says he is trying but can’t. I really want to support him since he is trying. I love him alot and I just wish if he could stop this himself. But yesterday he voluntarily suggested about going to a rehabilitation centre. I too think it would be good. We live in Canada and there is a rehab in our area that provides addiction treatment and I consider taking him there. What’s your opinion on this?


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I think it's great that your husband wants to go for help and you should encourage him. My mother was an alcoholic and I was too young to know it at the time. She died when I was 15.

I think that if he wants to get help and he has your support he has a good chance to get sober.


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I think it's wonderful that your husband has realized that he can't do it on his own and wants and needs to seek help.

Also, if he's addicted to alcohol, it's actually dangerous for him to try to quit without medical supervision. Alcohol withdrawal is one of only two drug withdrawals that can be fatal without medical care.

For you, I suggest you look intl Al-anon. You will learn more about alcoholism and how to cope with it as a family member (Addiction is a disease that affects more than just the addict). You will also learn about how an addict thinks and how best to support your husband as he makes the difficult transition to thinking like a sober person.

You and your family, not just your husband, have a long, rough road ahead of you. I am hoping in my heart that you all find the strength to succeed. Be aware that relapse is part of recovery and if your husband relapses, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you and your family, it just means that at that MOMENT he wasn't strong enough. Try to stick by him so long as he gets right back on track, and so long as he doesn't make dangerous choices, like driving, while drunk.


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Thanks for your valuable feedback. I have talked to the rehab(Canada drug rehab) and have taken an appointment for next week. Has anyone been to this addiction treatment centre? I am truly hoping that we'll find the strength to succeed.


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We don't comment on the public forums about specific service providers. If anyone knows about this place, they can send you a private message - keep an eye on your "inbox".