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  1. ForeverSpring

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    I mean, I was literally ready to hear the words and have the surgery and t hen I got a call early this morning that everything was negative.

    I still want to cut off that annoying boob and am going to discuss it with my surgeon. If Angelina Jolie can do it, I sure can do it. I really do want that problem gone.

    Thank you for al the prayers. They worked! :) Love you all !!! ;)
  2. dstc_99

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    Congratulations! I am so glad you got good news.
  3. Origami

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    Hooray! So glad for your good news!
  4. runawaybunny

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    Congrats MWM. I know you have to be sooooo relieved.

  5. Lil

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    I'm very happy for you MWM! That's wonderful news! :D
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    Great news!!
  9. recoveringenabler

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    I thought about you all day! I am so so glad to hear this MWM, what a huge relief it must be for you.CELEBRATE!!!
  10. KTMom91

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    That's great news!
  11. donna723

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    Wonderful news!
  12. Tanya M

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    :happyguy: That kind of news deserves a Happy Dance!!
  13. FlowerGarden

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    Wonderful news!
  14. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your good thoughts, board friends. I am sto shocked and relieved that I walked around in a fog all day.

    I do want to make an appointment to talk to the surgeon to see if she will do that preventable surgery. I just don't want to ever go through this again. Because of my long-ago Stage 0 breast cancer, I really get stressed over my mammos. I even make my poor husband take me. I know, all of you re feeling sorry for I would like to eliminate the problem since the breast is at a higher risk due to my history.

    Love and warmth and all things good to every one of you, even if we sometimes disagree about our advice. All of you are very kind.
  15. Scent of Cedar *

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    Oh, this is such great news!

    Best wishes, MWM.


  16. SuZir

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    Great news!
  17. cubsgirl

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    I'm glad to hear this - and of course you are relieved. Good news!!