Allergy treatment - From defiant to "does that work for you?"

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Hi all,

The September ragweed had made my son a bit short-tempered and defiant, so I brought him in for his acupressure/energy treatment. When the doctor finished with him and was checking on my daughter, my son looks at me and says, "Oh by the way, Mom, I made plans to work with Matt (a neighbor) on Thursday morning at eleven... does that work for you?"

Does that work for me?

Hours before he was cranky and defiant... and now he's wondering if something works for me!

Thank goodness for those treatments!
Waldorf Mom


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I am trying the NAET allergy treatments for difficult child after hearing about your son. I admit to being a little bit skeptical but thought it was worth a try because I can't help but think her allergies could be contributing to her ODD behaviour. So far, she has had 4 treatments for eggs, calcium, Vit C, and grain. I haven't noticed any change yet but she did get itchy and get some red bumps from the first 2 treatments.


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I recently found out that my son has alot of allergies and have been wondering if these allergies could have something more to do with his defiant behaviour in the last year. Does elimnating these foods help with behaviour? Could you tell me more about your situation and what helped, I'm pretty much open to any suggestions at this point!


P.S. Allergic to eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, bananas, cats, dogs, milk products, dust, smoke, pollen, feathers.......