Almost 16yr old daughter, Eating Disorder and Personality Disorder


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I live in a prison.

Three months ago, my daughter stole her grandmothers debit card and spent $800 (mind you gma is on social security) to show up on my door step. I let her go live with her bio dad on the other side of the country a year ago because I couldn't handle her behavior.

She showed up a much worse monster. She starves all day, counting calories, and aiming to be super thin. Then, she binges all night, emptying out the fridge of all food for my younger children, purging it in the toilet shortly after.

I'm on a limited income, so food waste like this is absolutely not okay.

But this goes way beyond just an eating disorder.

I've locked the fridge with a chain and padlock and put all food in my closet. I've deadbolted my door, but I can't do that at night because I need my younger kids to have access to me.

In the last 60 days she has (I keep a journal):

Eaten very old nasty food from garbage cans
Eaten most of our family dinners and then walks straight into the bathroom and throws it up, leaving little to none for the rest of the family to eat.
Steals food from younger kids if I don't watch that they get a chance to eat it
Came home drunk
Had sex while intoxicated on a sleep over
Borrowed money from friends for eating disorder items (laxatives, etc) with no intent on paying them back
Stole a student flash drive from school
Stole the guidance counselors notebooks from school
Keeps showing up with stolen merchandise and won't tell me where she's getting said "money" (I say it's stolen because she has no proof of purchasing it - no receipts.. nothing)
Poured water down the stairs to be spiteful
Cusses at us in German
Keeps going in my little kids room in the middle of the night
Has stolen items from my room in the middle of the night
Had to have police threaten to drag her to school one morning because she refused to go
Countless irate and wailing temper tantrums
Snuck out of house at night
Cutting on her legs and stomach
Poured nutritional drinks all over the driveway and sidewalk
Refuses to go to class at school on time so they assigned her an escort
Hysteria at school over having to serve detention
Had fraudulent text messages sent to me over the internet with someone (or her) impersonating to be an adult, asking for Haley to spend the night.
Purged medication, and left all over floor.
Created a false bottom in her backpack to hide coffee grounds (instant)
Is failing 2 out of the 3 classes she has

When i take her to the psychiatrist, therapist, hospital.. she's sweet, charming, smiles, makes eye contact, acknowledges her mistakes, and minimizes the problem. And oh my do they believe her.

Meanwhile, I'm considering going to jail to have her removed from my home to protect the rest of my family.

I really don't know what to do. I just want her to leave. I can't live like this for two more years.

My name is Mud

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Dear cujina. I feel I know your daughter. Your daughter is my daughter, but mine is 23 and been this way since she was 15. It got progressively worse each time she got back from rehab.

Your trial is excrutiating. God cannot want this for you and your children. Find somewhere for her to go. She needs help. And she is tearing your and your family apart.


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I haven't been in this particular situation, but have dealt with mental health issues...
Take pictures and video when possible - and show to her doctors and therapists.
Document everything you can.
I don't know how it is where you live - some places, CPS can actually help you if you approach them. So can mental health organizations like NAMI (if you are in the States).


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She said that she just missed us - but I'm not sure of the real reason she moved back. It was worth stealing over, but not worth complaining to the authorities about. He's now living on a friends couch and is unwilling to take her back.

We did take her to a shelter last night since the hospital refused to take her. I'm so thankful for whatever short reprieve this offers us.