Am I missing the humor in this?????


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this is just many reasons i do not watch the is just awfull. :sad: and sad that any one would do something like that and think it is funny.


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What would be an appropriate punishment?

Having to clean bedpans there?

Or maybe having to interview the residents there, with a tape recorder, about what their life is like? Then transcribe it all, of course.

Or maybe, having to endure what a bed-bound stroke victim has to endure - the lack of privacy, the lack of dignity and lack of respect.
Being toileted by the clock.
Having underwear taken away by staff.
Being supervised on the toilet.
Having to be spoon-fed creamed spinach and instant mashed potato plus pureed steak. Or cold scrambled eggs.
Being talked to in a loud voice as if all intellect is gone.
Because all that is what my mother had to go through, after having spent her life working hard to raise her family and live as a considerate, caring, compassionate, intelligent citizen of the world.

I'm not sure if anything else would get the message through to them, that the world does NOT exist to provide amusement for them; they have a debt to pay, just for being allowed to breathe. We all have to live together on this planet and to do this with the utmost success, we must respect each other and not abuse one another. How is it possible to teach this?


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You know, I've had quite a bit of trouble getting this off my mind. Thank God for the nursing assistant who followed these kids and got the license plate #.

Way back in the 70's when I was in Jr High our school came up with a program. I don't know why they put this program into place, but I know that over the two yrs I was in the school a heck of alot of the kids went thru it. (alot more than you'd think)

The program was volunteering in a nursing home next door to the school.

It wasn't the best nursing home in town by far, although not horrible. Just small and horribly understaffed. The staff had all they could handle with meeting the physical needs of their patients. So the jr high kids would spend their normal study hall time over at the nursing home. We talked to patients, read to them. That is all we were supposed to do. The residents in this home didn't get visitors. (very sad)

I got in at the beginning of the program. At first none of us kids really knew what to do or how to act. Many of the patients were in pretty bad shape, strokes, senility, ect. The kids had signed up for the program just to get out of boring study hall. Then one of the nursing assistants told us we should just visit with them like they were our grandparents. It gave us a new way to look at it.

We may have started out awkwardly reading and visiting with the residents, but before very long we were having facinating conversations. We got to where we looked forward to those visits. We listened to life stories, jokes. We played checkers and card games. The girls would brush and fix the female patients hair, and even put makeup and perfume on those who wanted it. We would make them cards. We came up with ideas for fun parties for the holidays and brought the supplies and gifts.

The residents looked forward to these visits more than we did. It brightened their days, provided them with entertainment, and gave them something to look forward to.

All this developed out of just a little program to go and visit and read to some elderly patients in a nursing home.

I know the group of kids I did it with were sad when our jr high yrs ended and we couldn't do it anymore. Alot of us continued to go visit the residents even after moving on to high school. I know several of those same students entered the medical field later on. I was one of them.

I don't know why, but this post made me remember those days. That program with the school continued until the nursing home closed it's doors several yrs down the road. Such a simple act of kindness taught us so very much.

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I started my working life as a CNA in a nursing home. I've always loved the geriatric community. Appreciated their experiences & history. This generation has lived through so much change; from horse & buggy to the moon.

I was incensed & insulted by the attitudes of these young men. I would think that charges as adults will be pursued. I hate the mentality & lack of respect that some young people carry around today.


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I was incensed & insulted by the attitudes of these young men... I hate the mentality & lack of respect that some young people carry around today. </div></div>

That is why I no longer teach. The level of disrespect for both the faculty and for their peers was so very disturbing. It was actually the majority and not the minority of my students. I taught art. They scoffed at consequences, deleted phone and e-mail messages that were left for their working parents and intercepted mail sent home. consequently since the parents never got messages or failure notices I was unable to give out failing grades to the most deserving of them. -RM


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This is just so very sad, and angering at the same time. The lack of respect for others in so many kids in recent years is appalling.


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Can you imagine how disappointed you would be if this was one of our children? I do not care what diagnosis or label a kid has - this is just disgustingly hateful.


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That is just plain sadistic and cruel.

I hope that the teens will be tried as adults... and I like Margurite's suggestion for PART of their punishment. I also like the idea of making them do community service in a nursing home, but realisticly I would not want them near my elderly relatives---even supervised every minute. I also think they should get jail time. In a big boy's jail, with the real inmates.


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I agree that this is wrong on so many levels that we couldn't possible list them all.

Sadness over the situation is my main feeling. If that was a loved one of mine, I would certainly want them prosecuted as adults - if they are driving a vehicle to the home to pull this off, then they are adults.

Sad, sad, sad. :frown:


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The complete lack of humanity is shocking to me. Absolutely, without question, try them as adults. Plus, publish their repugnant little mugs on the front page of the local paper. A nice dose of public humiliation is definitely in order!