Am I really that fat now?

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    I took Cloe and Chester for individual walks yesterday and great googly! I had to lay down afterwards. Cloe's walk consisted of 3/4 of a block before she refused to go any further so we turned around and came home. (Not sure what that was about but ok.) Then I took Chester for a walk and only went about 3 1/2 blocks one way....and short blocks at that. I was headed towards husband's niece A's place. I managed to make it but had to sit down I was in so much pain. My lower back was killing me and I had pain going down my hips/thighs on both legs. Now....I KNOW I'm out of shape and I HAVE put on a lot of weight recently. Between the quitting smoking and not being on my thyroid medication for a couple of months (yeah yeah, I know) I've puffed up a bit but OMG! It wasn't that I was out of breath because I really wasn' was just the pain. My lower back felt like someone had ahold inside and was just gripping as hard as they could. The pain in my legs....I know some of it was from lack of use but not all. The weird thing is a week or two ago, I landed a temp job working with the Surveyor's office. They were doing some digs and I stood in the middle of the road holding one of those stop/slow signs. I didn't feel like going dancing afterwards but I didn't feel that bad at all. Today I met A, her boyfriend and their baby at Walmart and gave them a ride home. I did walk around the store though and started getting the same pains but it didn't get that bad as long as I had a cart to push (or lean on just a bit). However, carrying the baby in one arm and pushing the cart with the other didn't work so well after a couple of minutes either and the pain would start. I also have problems standing at the sink for very long before I have to stretch or sit down. Granted, I AM short but I still have to lean a bit to do the dishes and things.

    As I said, I know I'm really out of shape and all but wow....this just seems a bit off. I want to try walking a bit each day and see if that helps build up tolerance but any other ideas? Maybe I'm just paranoid, I don't know. It just seems like a lot of people around me lately have been diagnosis'd with arthritis in their spines so maybe that has me worried and I just need to quit thinking about it and get off my hiney.

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    See a doctor. Sounds like you've got something going on with your back. I have spinal stenosis and when my back gets inflamed I get similar symptoms. Low back problems in general can flare up with sx like these.
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    That sounds like what happened to me last month. I couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes or so without being in excruciating pain. I also found I was shuffling rather than lifting my feet when I walked. See your doctor or chiropractor. The chiro has made a world of difference for me.
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    Oh! And ice your lower back at least three times a day!
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    I ask myself that same question every day...
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    You sound like me only I cant make it that far. I have to have the shopping cart and holding a baby is excruciating for me. Its actually easier for me to hold an older toddler because they can cling on.

    I would definitely see a doctor though. Mine is arthritis and spinal stenosis.
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    When I gain weight or hold water (which can be up to 20-30 lbs at a time) I've discovered that I suddenly start having terrible lower back pain and hip pain. When I have on extra's usually in my belly more than anywhere else, even when I'm holding water. Since I'm not sleeping much these days......I'm making myself eat to stay awake and alert, so I've put on some extra pounds. And my medications aren't working as well as they were so I'm holding lots of water on top of it. It's hard to stick to my renal diet when in school all day. I'm feeling it in the lower back and hips again. No fun. Once I get the weight back off and shed some of the extra water.......I'll be fine again. It's like putting weight on the belly strains the lower back muscles and that extra weight is just hard for my hips to do.