Am I the only one who thinks all...

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this coverage on Anna Nicole Smith is just a bit tacky? :confused:

I'm finding it somewhat disturbing that a lady who made less than stellar life choices being dissected in such a public manner.

And if one more man steps out stating they may be the father of her child I'm going to spit. My gawd, who wasn't the father of her child?

It's all so very all know, we were raised better than that. :wink:


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Well, honestly, I wasn't raised better than that.

However, I chose not to live my adult life in such a chaotic way. I'm not sure what drove her, other than the lethal combo of medications she was on.

Tacky? I'm not sure. Lots of tacky stuff on TV. Teenagers bedding up with each other on MTV is what gets my goat.

I feel for her little baby.


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Yes, it's making me a little nuts. I want to turn the news on in the afternoon and all I get is that trial, which, by the way, I want to strangle that judge. He was arrogant, tacky, annoying and completely innappropriate. After what I saw, which was only small portions of that trial, I would be scared to death to have to be in his courtroom for anything. Then, he has a breakdown and starts crying......UGH!


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Just think back to the OJ trials - they were splashed all over the news for months and months and even now, there is still turmoil.

I am not following Anna's trial, etc., but my best friend is so I get blow by blow details daily. Last night we had takeout at her house and the trial was the only thing my friend would watch - I got an eyefull and an earful. Oy!

I think it's tragic and I think that it's sad what some people will do for attention - even if it's negative attention. I think the best thing the media can do for the benefit of the baby is back off. Let the separate parties do what they have to do to settle all the arrangements, custody, etc., and NOT be in the courtroom or outside waiting like wolves. Perhaps if these people are NOT in the limelight, they will slowly fade away. As long as we keep feeding the attention-hungry sharks, they will stick around. Just turn off the stuff when it comes on. Ugh -

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I've been avoiding the news like it has the plague. lol :wink:

Unfortunately I get "updates" from husband and N.


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I am so sick of anna I didnt like her when she was alive and I dislike her even more now.

As far as who the babies father is...I think they should dna test the entire western hemisphere just to be certain.


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I wish they'd get the DNA testing done soon, get her with her father and be done with it. Course if the "legal father" turns out not to be the biological father, that will be yet another court case.


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"I can safely say, my husband is NOT the father of Anna's baby."

"I think they should dna test the entire western hemisphere just to be certain."

ROFLMAO!!! :rofl:

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What bothers me most is the coverage is carried on major new networks. I don't watch Entertainment Tonight - where this story, in my humble opinion, belongs.

I can't get away from this story or the Britney Spears chaos.

So, is the war still going on? Are there concerns for the economy or the environment? :slap:


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Oh but we must be kept abreast of Britney's whereabouts and if she has grown a smidge of hair...if she has a new tat2 on her head, neck or posterior. We must know if she is walking into, out of, or flying over a rehab. I have a compelling need to know if she is wearing a thong, granny panties or going commando. What on earth would the world come to if they didnt tell us these thing?

After all...we dont need to know about the economy, the dow jones, what the gross national product is, anything to do with our history on important dates, the changes in laws enacted, the fed rate and all those important things that might really effect us. No...just feed us junk and keep us in the dark and we can be good lil mushrooms.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: timer lady</div><div class="ubbcode-body">So, is the war still going on? Are there concerns for the economy or the environment? :slap: </div></div>

Really, I agree.......DAILY, my H rants about the war being forgotten because we're being bombarded with ET (Entertainment Tonight) level news from all networks.

In our local paper, the front cover has been an ongoing series on cloning...the war ends up being a 3rd and 4th page blurb.

Yesterday, in passing, it was mentioned that a soldier from our state had died, in passing, like it wasn't real news. It was so sad becuase they spent about 75% longer on the Anna Nicole story. This, on local network news.

We all may be too old to actually recall this, but I know we've all heard about it...remember when during WWII people had victory gardens and foods and certain supplies were rationed? Remember when we went through the gas rations in the 70's?? why aren't we all pulling together like that?

It is beyond me why our general world is still so fascinated by Hollywood and having big cars and spending money hand over fist to keep up with movie stars! I mean, hello people, that is not the REAL world, right?


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<span style="color: #660000">well what really set my hair on fire yesterday was General Hospital being premepted so we could get an eyeful of the sobbing judge. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

they need to identify the father of danielynn sooner rather than later. other than that i don't care about any of them.

kris </span>


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LOL, well. I am not so sure I was "raised" really, LOL- well, I suppose I musta been but was it betetr than that? LOL....who knows?
TV goes for entertainment and I suppose people are nosey. Until I got so sick a couple years ago I did not watch TV at all ever..........and I never watched movies either. I did not even know who ANna Nicole SMith was until her son died. I still am not sure who Tom Cruise is besides some weird guy who made an uproar jumping on someones couch on TV.
BUT I have been watching CNN and it seems to me part of the attraction is not so much the ANna Nicole part, but that judge? I guess HE is something else again?
It still blows my mind some of the stuff on TV and some of the things they make movies about.


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Actually I think I feel sorry for her (ANS) ----what went so wrong in her life that she did the things she did? Or maybe I am jealous she found some rich man to marry, but it looks like she paid the ultimate price, in the end, cuz then it seems noone cared so much about HER---they wanted her money.
Here I am married for love, stuck it out for love, and where did it get me? Bordering on foreclosure on the house monthly. Taking care of a very ill husband and the kids all by myself, and when I was sick, sitting here alone in my bed hungry and thirsty and in pain.
I suppose there has to be a middle ground somewhere.
Maybe she did not DO anything stellar in life, but, she can be an example to others. Maybe SOMEONE might learn from her mistakes?
Last nite I was watching CNN and there was an amazing young lady, AManda, on there, with autism. SHe uses a keyboard with a voice synthesizer to communicate and she is incredible. In order to see Amanda, I had to first sit thru watching some of ANS............small price to pay, AManda was worth it.

Actually, I suppose I can think of worse things on TV.


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JoG - when I was still active in Marine Corps League, (I was a charter member and pres of our detachment) one week we had to stand honor guard at funerals for 4 KIA (yes 4 in one week, ACK! it was so sad- plus worse my family suffered 3 losses of our own the very same kids school thought we were .......morbid- or something) here locally. I was crying so hard cuz um................well, I feared the war, and so many of my family was for the war.......but then, I could not get anyone in my family to even stop to give pause or a moment of silence for those troops. It broke my heart.


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I think people watch it for the same reasons they watch crappola like "Jerry Springer" ... we get to watch people doing these bizarre things and we can sit in judgement and feel superior, and admit it or not, we all like that!


It's almost like they're dragging it out on purpose ... keeping up the suspense, throwing in new potential "fathers" almost every day ... easy enough to determine by DNA tests ... and now this strange sobbing "judge" coming into the mix! And now they say that the "guardian" of the baby will decide where ANS will be buried? Did I miss that? When did the baby acquire a "guardian"?

I am another one that will be GLAD when it's all over and settled and not the main feature on the evening news every night! I am VERY sorry for the baby who seems to be a pawn in this whole fiasco. but there are other things a lot more newsworthy than who fathered some bimbo's baby!


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This is why we don't subscribe to cable, have a newspaper subscription or watch television.

I could care less about Anna Nicole or stupid Britney Spears. I don't care. Let me say that one more time, I don't care.

Whenever someone says something to me about either one of them (or Angelina Jolie, or that other stupid chick Brad Pitt was married to), I say, "so, have you heard anything new about our troops today?".

That usually shuts anyone up immediately.

You know what's sad? Is the reason all this media junk is on, is because our public is watching this. They're buying the Star magazines. They were watching that stupid jerk off of a judge making his ruling with his fake tears (I couldn't even get away from that today, it was on the RADIO on my way to work, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH).

And then, yes, I got to hear how Britney keyed up Kevin's car. That, my dear, was the highlight of my day *gag* *barf*.

You can't even get away from it when you want to. Tomorrow I'll turn the radio off for entertainment news.



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I call all this coverage......a VERY slow news day. I agree that it's all tacky. Poor thing needs to be put into her final resting place, and let her rest. Let the rest of us move on to real news.


I agree, enough already. Yes she was not a model citizen, but she is deceased, so let her rest in peace and show a little thing we in the south call "cooth". I can't believe that judge....he needs his own t.v. show, and I think thats why he is conducting his court room as a circus. Allowing 18 lawyers in the court room, television cameras, come on! This is deciding where to bury the woman. Why does it need sensasionalism? I think its really sick and such a sad commentary that the world news tonight has to report on it. We have soldiers dieing every day, world hunger, the environment, but they have to do a story on Anna Nicole antics? and the woman hated her family with a passion, so what makes them think they are entitled to her remains or her baby? ohhhh wait, yes there is a possibility of a huge inheritance that is still up in the air.
Sad sad sad