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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Jena

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    i ordered difficult child's chart from the hospital, it showed up today. wow i was so shocked. why i was shocked i do not know.

    all lies. they totally fudged it except for labs, and vitals.

    difficult child's vitals her heartrate was only normal on 3 days while there. it went as high as 170 one day. she was sick while there i did not know, her temp was high for two days straight, must of had a viral infection.

    they claimed she was peeing on herself thru choice, and defiance. like day i picked her up and she was peeing on herself totally sedated and didnt' click in i was even there.

    they bad mouthed me a whole lot in it you can imagine.

    they lied said she completed meals within a short time frame which she never did. lied and said upon discharge was stable, meanwhile kid lost 9 lbs while there! and was dehydrated according to labs yet no one ever gave her an iv.

    i went thru all the blood work online tonight. her red blood cell count is up, huge iron deficiency, phosphate levels indicated huge dehydration. a few other levels off. weird thing red blood celll count off symptoms are fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, etc.

    to read this report was like reading a fiction book. i knew they'd do this, my mom even said it that day their going to fudge it. i said how could they do that, that's sick?!

    shocking is all i can say, a reputable hospital. you just never truly know and always gotta be ever so careful. going to hospital tmrw for difficult child's check up where i'm going to ask them to re run all these specific blood tests.

    i can't believe the things they wrote about her that never happened, i spoke to nurses first hand and i knew what had gone on, what truly happened not their version of it. this doctor was a sick sick man with a godlike complex i'd never seen before.
  2. HaoZi

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    (insert some choice words here) I'm presuming that as soon as you picked her up from that hospital you took her to another (more) professional doctor for another look, and I'll presume that report contradicts the chart you just got. In which case I'd be foaming to find a good lawyer before that place goes beyond making kids worse to a worst case scenario.
  3. Farmwife

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    I am not surprised.

    I am sorry they are "adding insult to injury". :mad:
  4. hearts and roses

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    Disgusting. I believe that the labs are the proof you have to show that they fudged their charts. Considering how her labs came out it will contradict what they reported in the file. Ugh.
  5. Jena

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    yea just goes to show you that being careful is worth it. i'm never paranoid that's just the thing, maybe i should be lol. as far as lawyer's go we're way too busy to go after them now. plus once charts are changed that way it's absurd battle.
  6. DaisyFace

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    This does not surprise me in the least. You'd be amazed at how much fudging is 'routine' for doctors and hospitals.

    I once had a dermatologist who came highly recommended - but I quickly got fed up with her because appointments with her were "Hello, here's a script, see you in six weeks, good-bye". I had no opportunity to ask questions or feel as though she even gave me any more than a cursory glance as she breezed through the room.

    So I changed docs and had the records sent...

    Well, to read the chart from the first doctor? O it sounded as though we had nice long consultations where she cautioned me about my risks of skin cancer and evaluated moles and did all these things that NEVER happened in real life. It was disgusting how "fake" that chart was.

    It happens more often than we think...
  7. DammitJanet

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    The dentist that is my current dentist but I am looking for a new one has all sorts of misinformation in my chart. Supposedly they ordered bridges or something that would need coloring to match my teeth and they advised me on one color but I "patient refused suggested color which match and wanted whiter color against doctors recommendations." Well that sounds very bad. That sounds like I am a lunatic...except...when all that was in my chart we had not even got to the point of removing enough teeth to even talk about bridges or false teeth or anything colored! It has to come from another patient!!!!
  8. AnnieO

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    Am I just abnormal? I've seen the kids' charts, and my own - tho' not husband's - and everything there seems to be in order.

    Maybe I'm an anomaly. But seriously, Jena - when you get past the crisis - I would file a complaint. Seriously.
  9. Josie

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    I got a copy of my daughter's medical records from her hospital stay last year. She had tachycardia that they didn't mention and they distorted what I said. They also did not record some of the symptoms she was displaying at the time. I was with her 24/7 so I know what was going on. A kind way of looking at it is that they thought those things weren't important. It was not as bad as Jena's example, but it wasn't accurate either.
  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    After the totally unprofessional way they treated your difficult child, I am totally unsurprised by this. Charts like this are one reason I routinely request complete charts and surgical notes after any hospital treatment.

    Wiz had urinary surgery just before he turned 2. he was supposed to have 2 procedures done during the same operation so that he owuld only have to risk general anesthesia once. The anesthesia doctor messed up and my baby WOKE UP during the part of the surgery on the most sensitive part of his anatomy. NO ONE told us about this. They told us that there was a mistake in the medications that he was given so they could not complete the procedure because they could not add another medication onto the short acting one that he was given. About a month later a commercial with a doctor in a mask came on and Wiz went nuts. FEtal position on the floor clutching his privates crying that "surgy hurt" over and over. Lasted over an hour before he calmed down. He DESCRIBED what was happening in the OR right down to a really foul joke the doctor told about "cutting it off".

    The only way we knew what really happened was that a nurse in the doctor's office let me know about it privately. She married a guy I knew in high school and thought I had a right to know. She wouldn't testify to it, but told me to request the operating notes and not just the medical chart.

    After that I NEVER fully trusted a doctor's chart. Getting the botched operation fixed two years later was a real nightmare for poor Wiz. We had to sedate him to get him to the doctor's appointment the second time (NOT the same doctor or hospital the first operation was done in.)
  11. Jena

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    i filed a complaint so did peds........

    there was no mention of the 6 medications she was on, just the lithium and seroquel they mentioned. stated a whole bunch of junk was a good short fictional story to read
  12. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Jena, please call the hospital pharmacy and ask for a record of ALL medications that were dispensed for your daughter. Do this ASAP so that they don't try to bury the records. You may have to call around to various people to find someone who will figure out how to pull the pharmacy records, though I would start with either medical records or the pharmacy, or maybe the pharmacy manager. Docs cannot just wander around with the medications they gave your daughter. Heck, they cannot wander around with aspirin and give it to patients with-o requesting it from the pharmacy. There has to be a record SOMEWHERE of all the medications the doctor and nurses requested from the pharmacy for difficult child.

    The only other way they got the medications they gave to difficult child is if they were rx'd for another patient and were diverted to your daughter to make her more docile. That is a HUGE violation of federal law, and the doctor, nurse, and pharmacy people can ALL lose licenses if it happened. In some cases hospitals can lose accreditation for things like that - which costs them thousands and thousands of dollars as they would be dropped by most insurance co's. It may be a challenge to communicate exactly what you want, and you may have to deal directly with the hospital pharmacy to figure it out.

    The chart is supposed to, by law, include a record of every medication given to the patient. Leaving medications out is a HUGE offense. Either they didn't give your daughter those medications, which I don't believe given her behavior and what you were told was happening there, or they took a LOT of liberties and broke a lot of laws and endangered your daughters life greatly. By leaving out medications from her chart, if she had gone into some kind of cardiac arrest, seizure or other medical emergency, there is a huge chance that any treatment could have killed difficult child by interacting or overdosing her or suppressing her breathing.

    Do what you can to find those pharmacy records. If NOTHING else, ask the hospital for an itemized bill. They will include all medications on there because they want your insurance to pay for them. Hospitals use computerized systems to control medications so that each patient is billed appropriately. If you find errors on the hospital bill (there are almost always errors), most insurance companies will reward you for finding them. In this case it is the best way to find out what medications were actually given to her - and to prove that they did not keep complete records in the chart or they altered the chart later because there are all the medications shown and the bills for them, but none are in the chart.

    Your ins co may have the overall bill available online. You have a legal right to the itemized bill, though some hospitals will make you ask for it in writing. FYI, if they bill you extra for a private room and you did NOT sign something specifically asking for one then you don't have to pay for one. Unless they have your signature they cannot force payment. One hospital thought they could make me pay them $400 extra because they didn't put another patient in my room after surgery. They were very low on patients because there was a huge storm, so they tried to bill everyone the extra fees for the single rooms at the super outrageous "concierge service" level (they want to be snooty so they label it that though there is NO difference in services from this service to the regular single patient room, grr.). Not everyone knew that they could challenge the fees - my insurance company gave me $100 for winning the challenge for that fee and a bunch of others (like nine meals - I only got ONE from them and it was a cold sandwich. Period.).

    You are going to need PROOF that they gave her the other medications, among other things, if you ever want a chance to sue or let anyone know how dangerous this place is. You have a couple years on the statute of limitations, but you must get the records NOW if at all possible.