AMAZING night!!!

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    husband's old elementary school was closed years ago. Then reopened as a scients and arts elementary school. While they got a lot of things done, they still needed a lot of work on the auditorium and music program.

    The parents and some alumni worked to have their most famous student come back and hold a small, intimate concert.

    This country music superstar was recently named Entertainer of the Year in Oklahoma. He grew up in a little house right across the street from the school.

    Tonight, I got the joy of seeing and hearing Vince Gill perform to a crowd of less than 200 people. husband was offered a ticket by a former buddy who bought a block of 20 of them. Another buddy actually chased him down to offer it. husband said he wanted to go, and if a ticket wasn't claimed, I would be happy to go with him.

    Vince told stories from his childhood, memories of other people from that time, sang and played guitar for 3 1/2 hours with one of his music industry friends playing keyboard. Most of the songs were requests, or ones that were very special to him. He couldn't always remember the words, but he has had so many songs, it is NOT surprising.

    Amy Grant sang 2 songs while Vince played. She was holding their 7yo daughter (who had fallen asleep during the concert), so a microphone was brought down to her seat. She sang El Shaddai and the new Christmas song they just finished recording together. It will be released next year.

    He also did a song he wrote a few weeks ago aboutchild abuse. It was so very very powerful. You could tell he feels very deeply about the subject. He said he didn't know if it would ever be recorded. We all told him it should be. No one, not any age, had a dry eye after the song.

    Before the concert appetizers were served. He signed autographs, posed for pictures, spoke with anyone who wanted to visit. I was glad I picked up metallic sharpies - the passes, Oklahoma Today magazines, and tshirts were ALL black backgrounds.

    Afterwards, more autographs, pictures, chatting, and chocolate truffles.

    I will upload some pics tomorrow or Sat. Very tired now, but wanted to share. I have to go get car repairs early.

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    WOW! That just sounds awesome! What a truly wonderful experience! Though I'm so glad for you, I'm a little envious, too! Glad you had such a great night. That should keep you on a high for at least a week, huh?
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    I am so glad you got to have a night out!! Good for you! (Had to laugh though - it was a freebie)

    I wondered if husband would really go without you - HOW could he? Glad you got a ticket! Sounds like you had a wonderful and awesome night. You sure deserved it.

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    That sounds like an amazing evening. Glad you and husband got that evening together. It is so nice to have those once in a while.

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    Man am I jealous. Vince has always been a favorite.

    Good for You. All moms need nites out like this...espically warrior moms. Treasure the memory!

    Mrs. McNear
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    That is AWESOME!!! Small venues are great.

    Two years ago I somehow stumbled across Beastie Boys:highvoltage: tickets for a venue that only holds 50. (ok, ok...somewhat of a different music style). I got four of them, so took hubbie, easy child daughter and easy child son. I'm telling you, these guys kicked booty. We were right up front and MTV was filming. It was some tour that they were promoting for $2 a ticket, but I got mine free. ;) :irock:The 'moshing' became a bit too much for me so I moved to the back and watched how they filmed, etc.

    They are my age and are still putting out some pretty great music, and they are as normal looking as your dad.

    Another time a friend gave me a ticket to a similar venue...ok, old timers, to Geno Vanelli. He played by himself, no band, but it was fabulous. I have a signed CD that I cherish.

    I'm so glad you had a great time. Those are true memories.

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    How neat! While I'm not too big on Vince in particular, I do enjoy my country music.

    And I *love* El Shaddai.
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    Sounds like an experience of a lifetme. Something I'm sure you'll be sharing with grandchildren someday.

    I'm so happy you and husband were able to enjoy it together. Can't wait to see some pics.
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    Pics will problem go up tomorrow. Wound up with a migraine, so am behind on this.

    Star, It was all the sweeter for being a FREEBIE!!! We had gotten an email about it, but just could not swing $500 per ticket, not right now. husband was amazed they rememberd him (how could they NOT??). At first I was going to fill a seat IF they had anyone not show up. Then they had a last min cancellation, so we got to sit in the 3rd row!!!

    He is an amazing performer. Not one of my big faves, but one I like a lot. My mother in law chases his tour bus like a teenager.

    I am a HUGE Amy Grant fan, have been for ever.I remember teaching difficult child to read the lyrics to El Shaddai soon after he turned 3. It was so wonderful to hear her. AFter the concert I went to talk to Amy and she was surprised anyone wanted an autograph. She signed a little kid's piece of paper, then signed the magazine I had. Then she gave the sharpie back. There was quite a line waiting, so I finally convinced her she needed to hang on to it. She signed things "to XX" and then her name. Vince couldn't figure out the to part, so all he signed was his name. But I got a number of those too.

    I love live music. It is one of the things I really miss with my husband. We generally like totally different kinds of music, though I listen to a lot of his also. But he does not really enjoy concerts the way I do. Even jam sessions are not his thing. I used to work as a volunteer for many groups in Austin to get into concerts and things. Austin City Limits was a big favorite for me. (for those of you interested in taking trips in the fall, ACL used to have free tapings, beer and coke provided for free. I think they started taping the season in Sept or Oct. Worth looking up.

    Anyway, thanks for celebrating with me!

    Oh, I would have kicked husband's tushie around the block if he skipped this because I couldn't go. Totally would have.

    Hugs to all!


    husband went to a get-together last night at one of his old friend's houses. He was going to stay home because I had a migraine, but I had a hissy and made him go. It was just people he went to school with.