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    Kanga ran again last night. They didn't bother to call and wake us up cause they caught her within seconds. She was mad that they were going to make her sleep on the couch again so she assulted staff to get away. Staff caught her at the property line and took her down in a full restraint. A passing driver called 911 (not sure if she though Kanga was being assaulted or if staff needed help). Police came out. Kanga was refusing to go back to the unit so the cops added their persuation and she finally stormed back inside the home.

    She was not allowed to go to school/work yesterday or today due to her continued threats to run. (The school sends her work packet over to the home.)

    therapist told her that she did not think that Kanga could be appropriate to me on the phone, so no call today and likely no call until after we have a treatment team meeting. Tteam meeting should be this week and the goal is to develop a plan to get her to stop running. The home has a good relationship with the police but has had mixed results with the local judges, so Department of Juvenile Justice involvement will be discussed and is an inevitability if she doesn't stop escalate, but not the first option. All of her UIRs (unusual incident reports) haven't been turned in yet but it looks like 6 in 72 hours (4 for running, 1 for sexual activity and 1 for physical assault).

    Kanga's goals were to get to level 3 and move to the TLP unit by Christmas, get a job off campus and get off her safety plan. Formal goals were to move her to TLP in May, get an off-campus supported job by June, and have a gradual release from the safety plan.

    Now she's been dropped back to level 1, she's not allowed out of her unit to the rest of campus, and her safety plan is going to be strengthened. While restricted to unit, she has zero contact with male peers and she is not allowed to speak to her female peers. Yep, I can see how 'doing what she wants' is working for her.

    therapist said that Kanga is encouraging the other girls to run, trying to incite a mutiny and generally being a complete brat.
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    I do like that the staff didn't call you again (only because she was recovered before getting off campus)... I hope that she knows you got a good night's sleep despite her antics. :rolleyes: I think, also, that all the kids that ran and the others in their respective units should lose some privileges so that her ringleader loses some shine with those other kids.
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    Everyone who ran is on various levels of restriction depnding on how many times they ran, how far they ran, and whether or not they are still threatening to run.

    therapist is taking my suggestion and taking the girls that did not run out for dinner tonight! Let those girls get a break from their crazy roommates for a little while.
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    Is there one of Kanga's favorite chain restaurants nearby? Bwaa Ha Ha!
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    All I can say is Good Grief! I'm so glad that you are adequately detached. DDD
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    Maybe she needs to train for the Boston Marathon. Just kidding. Maybe the only way to get through to kids like that is to let them go off on their own, though of course it is highly risky. But in her case, she seems to have genuine mental health issues, not simple difficult child dom to the max. I feel for you.
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    Sigh. She is determined, isn't she? If only she could put that determination to good use elsewhere.
    So sorry.
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    Ug. I think you mentioned that this is not a secure facility. If not, is she being moved to a secure facility? Hugs, and I am glad you got some sleep.
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    The only secure facilities in our state are the jails and the phosps. Currently she doesn't qualify for either. Our state has a weird rule for runaways, it isn't considered a crime to runaway so they can't be arrested for it, they can receive 'authoritative intervention' but can't be locked up. Of course she has committed a number of crimes (1) underage sex (2) trespassing (3) curfew violations x 2 (4) battery (5) assault (6) contributing to the delinquency of a minor. All of it would likely get pled out to probation so I doubt anything will be done about it.
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    No recidivist offender laws to apply to her?
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    What are recidivist offender laws?
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    repeat offender laws
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    She can't be a repeat offender because she's never even been charged with anything. We've always deflected the charges because she's in treatment. Generally, they don't bother with the minor junk cause all they'd get sentenced to is what they are already doing.