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  1. Shari

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    Been working on this a while...finally got at least most of the pieces...

    Got a copy from the behavior report from the cop.

    He got his copy MUCH later than I got mine. Mine is filled out. His is not. His includes a 2 page report of what happened. Mine includes a 2 sentence description of what happened.
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    Is this about Wee?
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    GRRRRRR!!!!! That right there shows the school is trying to pull something over. The paperwork should MATCH.
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    HUH?? OH wow, that is how I got the state to sanction the district that had contracted with our district ... Q was in a program with them... What they sent me (and only after a should have come the day of the incident per their policy) had white out through words and you could still see the loops from letters like a g or t above and below the white out. The times of a seclusion were lied about and different on the behavior form versus the report...etc...many discrepancies. Can't wait to hear what the end of this is, you need the information...for many reasons. How do they think we can plan and support our kids overall? ugg I agree, something is up.
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    BUSTED!!! This shows that they not only are in the wrong, but likely KNOW IT. Otherwise, that 2 sentence report would be it. I am sure they will claim that they didn't have time to complete the report before you DEMANDED a copy of the report and they had to talk to all the teachers and staff and students about the issue to make a complete report.

    This is an EXCELLENT time to go in and ask for a copy of his IEP. Wait for it. DON"T go and let them mail it or come to pick it up later. Offer to copy it yourself if they are too busy. Or ask the pediatrician or someone else who works with him to request it. Once you get it, compare it to the one you signed. Check every single word.

    Our middle school did a TON of this type of stuff. Not calling the cops, but writing a short incident report to give to parents and then putting a mulit-page report in their files. It kept the parent quiet and allowed them to pad the files of kids they had problems with, didn't like, or who asked ?? or who had parents who asked ?? or objected to something they did. It never dawned on the sped teacher that I would actually read it, compare signatures OR have my own copy to compare it to.

    Get the copies without tipping them off that you want to scrutinize every single piece of paper in the file if at all possible. DO NOT allow them to remove and/or not copy postits. Those are in the file for a reason and you may get a LOT of mileage from them. People tend to use them to write things that are very inappropriate with the assumption that it is not part of the file and no one but the teachers/school admn will see the pages and those people will remove them before passing them on. comments like "What an IDIOT! Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurre, Mom, I am GIVTUd and tallassed and deserve speshul clazzes caws I am so smart," end up in them. A very similar note ended up in the file of a friend's daughter (we lived in a different district in a different state at the time, not the current one.)

    This is why you copy them with-o giving notice if at all possible.
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    So, what's your plan?
  7. Shari

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    I contacted the board president today and told them about this, and that I am being stonewalled into an action that I have worked hard to avoid, and that is taking it the next step to the state dept.

    I pointed out some of the things that have happened that I have let go and how I attempted to follow the proper channels to correct it (which she knew). And I said here we are, he's STILL being denied FAPE, and they are more worried about getting rid of a para than they are about getting him to school for a full day....I said I wouldn't worry about this if it was an isolated thing, but this is a pattern of behavior and its getting worse instead of better, I have no choice but to protect what's working for my child.

    She suggested I get on the agenda for the next board meeting.

    So, I am filling out the forms to file complaints with the state.

    I have since been contacted by the superintendent. The board president contacted her (she told me she would - at first I didn't want her to, then I realized the complaint forms will get sent to them, too, so who cares...). She wants to meet and understand my concerns so she can address them with <insert first name of principal - which makes me laugh cause I never pointed her out>. Wee has been doing so well, she wants that to continue.

    I will probably ask exMIL to go with me and meet with her. I'll be giving her a copy of the complaints, anyway, so why not do it face to face. If she fixes it, I can withdraw the complaints.
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    Good for you Shari!!! Let them have it!! But....just in case.......Posse is standing by awaiting your instructions. LOL