And the hoard of cats grows

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    No, NOT the ones actually IN my house...not since the kitten and the alleged pregnant cat anyway.

    We seem to have acquired a couple of more strays at the "feeding station". I'm sitting here looking out the front window as one eats. He's pretty wild and avoids me and watches me through the window while he eats to make sure I don't come after him I guess. I've seen him a couple of times before but tonight.....I don't know....maybe it's a good thing he won't let me near him. Good for me anyway. From what I can see, he's limping and really favoring a front paw and seems to have a raw spot or some type of wound at the back and base of his left ear. I haven't gotten a good look at it but it is definately red. I don't really know what to do for him. There wasn't much food out there when I spotted him so I put a bit more out for him. I thought about putting some of the kitten chow out to help his immune system but as I type this he's already gone. I guess I'll keep my eyes open and watch for him. If he doesn't appear to be healing on his own I'll have to call the shelter but I hate too. As wild as he is, I don't see him being adopted. I know if he's at the shelter he'll be warm and fed for once but I know what the end result will be. Plus unhealthy or not, he's used to being outside and on his own and I know he wouldn't like being caged, Know what I mean??


    Sometimes it really hoovers being an animal lover.
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    Sounds like he got into a Tom fight. Wille used to come home battle wounded on a consistant basis. We'd just clean them if he let us and they always healed on their own. Wille wasn't stupid, he usually let us clean him up. lol

    Minnie and Underfoot are not pleased that Mamma won't let them in out of the cold and snow. And we still get others that come and go on a regular basis. Birds have been stealing their food right out of the bowls. Guess the snow is making eating tough on them. I had a pan of left over cornbread and crumbled it up and tossed it out on the snow. Now maybe they'll leave the darned cat food alone.

    Bad enough I'm feeding the neighborhood strays. Be darned if I'm feeding the birds too. Cat food isn't that cheap.