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This morning I recvd call from principal difficult child was receiving 2 days in-school suspension for telling LS teacher to shut up. difficult child forgot to bring a pencil to class therefore LS teacher and difficult child apparently exchanged words and difficult child told her to shut up. difficult child refused to talk to me on the phone when he was down with-the principle. BUT, I called him when I got off work and he was willing to tell me his side of the story at that point. He knew he was wrong for telling the teacher to shut up, but was so frustrated after she said "EVERYONE else can come to class prepared, blah blah blah.........." Apparently she was razzing him pretty good PUSHING his buttons. I totally don't get why they push him. So, my advice to difficult child is to just do what he is told and keep his big mouth shut. I believe she did push his buttons, but his credibility is totally out the window at the school. But he admitted he was wrong to me and then told me what happened so I tend to believe his side of the story. This is why I wanted a TSS when everyone said no, and then none of course was available through any agency. GRRRR. These things always seem to happen to keep him from school activites, tomorrow is field day. Wonder what the problem will be for 8th grade graduation?


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I am so glad my kids are out of school....I hate this little stuff all over a forgotten pencil...

Thinking of you and hope you can resolve things with the school favorably...


Could be me talking. difficult child in same place, only shut up would be much nicer than what my difficult child says. I am trying to get away from the school issue and let husband handle it. Since I tend to fight for him, husband see's nothing wrong, but would never say a word even if he did. I wear myself out, lose much needed sleep, and see to be destroying any relationship with difficult child and husband that I have left. As far as school activities..same here. Anytime something is coming up, no matter how much he looks forward to it, something will happpen and he will be left out. I have begun to believe that it is purposely set up for difficult child to fail and be refused to attend event. I definately feel your frustration. Pencils, pens, papers. I don't get it. Why the big blow up over that? difficult child says he doesn't know. Also says he doesn't know why he goes empty handed to every class.
If you find the answer let me know.

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As the tweedles get older they are being "pushed" more & more. Especially in their day treatment settings. They have accomodations in place for their organizational skills & are expected to show up to class prepared.

I wonder if that isn't the case for your difficult child. He's 14 & is expected to be prepared for class. However, I'd ask for an extra supply box in each classroom for him.

He must have been embarrassed that his peers were ready & he wasn't. LS teacher could have taken a different tack, but didn't.

I'm sorry that difficult child is struggling so in the academic setting.