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    This is really my brothers situation, not mine, but I was just wondering ... if a girl (my niece) who is divorcing receives food stamps for herself and her two kids, will the govt. go after Deadbeat Daddy who refuses to pay child support (which caused her to have to go on food stamps)? I really don't know much about all this.

    My brothers daughter married a total loser, a complete jerk - but she loved him! Yeah, right! We'll call him "Bozo"! Within a year she had a little boy who is almost three now. He has lived with my brother and sister in law almost from birth. "Bozo" has serious drug and alcohol problems, he's abusive to her, refuses to work, and when he did, he'd spend it all on drugs and bar hopping. He has not contributed even one dime towards his sons' support in almost three years! And my niece stayed with him and let her parents raise her baby, with occasional visits to his parents 'home'. Then she ended up pregnant again and finally left Bozo and came home to her parents house. Now she has a second child, a beautiful little boy, four weeks old, and I think she's finally seeing the light!

    My sister in law works full time at a rather low paying job. My brother has had his hours cut back and has been 'furloughed' a few times, although it's picked up a little lately. Plus he's got a second part time job on the weekends. So they're not only supporting themselves but also their newly graduated son, their grown daughter, and two babies! He's supporting them all plus paying all those medical bills from the birth of the baby. Our little county has an unemployment rate of OVER 27%, the third highest in the nation! There are NO jobs here so their son is kind of stuck! I'm worried about my brother and sister in law, all the stress they're under and all the financial pressures on them, and something's gotta give!

    "Bozo" has NEVER paid child support - not even once in three years! He saw the new baby once, for a few minutes - didn't seem too interested. Every time the 3 year old sees his father (very rarely) he comes home spouting a whole new group of swear words that he's heard, and his 'father' is so irresponsible that it's not safe for him to be there, and the rest of the "Bozo" clan is no better. Since he will never pay child support (he'd rather sit in jail) my niece wants to not ask for it, on the condition that he signs away his parental rights and never sees either child again. Can they do that? She doesn't think he'd agree though, not because he cares about the kids, but because signing away any rights he has to them might make him 'look bad' to his buddies! Disgusting! I would think that he might be able to sign away his "rights" to the kids but not his 'obligations'. My niece is not on welfare because she lives with her parents, but they have determined that she is eligible for food stamps for her and the two children. That will help A LOT! I know they would go after "Bozo" for child support if she was on welfare. But if she's receiving govt assistance in the form of food stamps, will they also go after him for repayment of that too? I sincerely hope so, and I sincerely hope to have a front row seat when and if they do! Hopefully things will pick up around here and she will be able to find a decent job in a while, but in the meantime she'll be on food stamps because "Bozo" refuses to support his children!
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    Yes- if on gov't assistance in TN, the state will go after him and garnish any wages he receives "above board". If he does not have a legitimate job, they will still go after him but it might take years before anything actually comes from it. In TN, the way it used to be at least, was that he will automatically have parental rights under these circumstances, whether or not he actually pays the child support. They look at it like it is the child's right. I'm not positive if it's legal to sign agreement relinquishing CS for forfeiture of parental rights but I believe that if public assistance is involved, it won't matter- the state WILL NOT pay assistance without going after the parent. I think any CS re-couped has at least some portion going to pay back the state first, before sending some to the parent who has custody of the child.

    Let's hope Bozo doesn't have a 14yo son in VA. LOL!
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    Ha! If he does, that 14 year old would be VERY LUCKY to not know his father! He is a total waste of space and oxygen on this earth! He's a little young to have a 14 year old, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more younger ones running around here! He seems to think that being a 'sperm donor' gives him some kind of bragging rights - but that's as far as he has ventured into 'fatherhood' - just the bragging!
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    Donna...your niece should also be eligible for medicaid too which would cover all medical junk including the hospital bills. tell her to check on that. Klmno is dead on about the CS.
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    That's exactly what reps from 2 different dss agencies in TN told me when I was carrying difficult child.