Another cold and my mom is finally here!

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    I cannot believe that I have caught another ding dang cold! This is the 4th one in 8 weeks - WTH? I eat right, I drink tons of water, I take my vitamins - I just don't understand why my resistance is so low. The only thing I can think of is stress, and maybe not enough sleep. I'm so sick of being sick.

    On the upside, my sister and I transported my Mom from PA to CT on Saturday! She's in her new nursing home, which is local to us both. She keeps asking how long she's going to be there and she said it's not as nice as the place she was in PA. I'm sad about that, I really am, because I see it too. The people there were friendlier and louder - they had that southern charm thing going; not like the uptight yankee thing we have going on here. The food seems to be decent, but I will be supplementing it with some fresh fruits and will bring her a snack once in a while. We've made her room as comfy as we can; my sister T bought her a great tv with DVD player for her movies and we've hung up some pics and she has her own comforter, I bought her a table/shelf and lamp, etc. She's in a good place, it's just getting used to it (I guess for all of us). I saw the director this AM and asked her to please have my mom eat her meals in the dining hall - the nurse on duty Saturday said mom would be eating her meals in her room. I think that's too isolating. If we want mom to assimilate to her new home and meet new friends, she needs to be placed into a more social setting. Staying in her room is not social - it's isolating.

    The saddest part of all of this is that when we were leaving the PA home, her friends all wheeled themselves to her room to say goodbye. In particular, this really sweet gentleman came in to say goodbye - and they were in their chairs, holding hands and leaning over to hug - he was crying and it was just the saddest thing. I felt like a villain taking our Mom away from him. Mom told him how sweet he was and that he'd find another girl and he just shook his head and said, "No, you're the only one" - OMG, not a dry eye in the place. We all averted our eyes to give them privacy my sister who lives down there is a bit intrusive and kept trying to go over and make him feel better. I could see he just wanted her to go away and leave them alone. Yeesh!

    Last evening, difficult child went over after dinner and ended up helping my mom wash up and get into her nightgown. She put an extra pair of socks on her because my Mom said she was chilly. Then difficult child came over for what she called a "mommy hug" - she was soooo broken up. I was so proud of her for helping my Mom out like that. She's a good girl.

    So, that's that. I hope she settles in and is okay. And I hope this stupid cold is short lived or I will have to skip Thanksgiving at my sisters - it's difficult enough to go there with all her animals and not die of asthma!!! Add a cold and I'm done for!
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    I just know your mom will settle into this place. With that spirit of hers I believe she will be instrumental in really shaking things up there.

    I am so sorry about the cold. Just make sure you are keeping sugar to a minimum. I know when I am stressed I definitely tend to pour it down my throat as fast as I can and it soo messes with the immune system. If this is something you can relate to, extra probiotics may help.

    I'm thinking of starting yoga to help with stress management this year.

    Love you, ML
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    I'm sorry you're coming down with something again. That hoovers!

    As for your mom, how fantastic she is local to you. I can imagine how hard it is for her to adapt, and it sounds a touching goodbye was had. I do hope she gets to know residents at the new place to help fill the void of her friends at the other place. It sounds like it is a big change in the atmosphere too. I like the sounds of the personalization done to her room though, it may help a lot. I think being close enough for you to visit etc will soon make up for the loss of charm at the current facility.
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    Yes ML! I was thinking I had to cut back on sugar also. I already take more than enough probiotics daily, however. I think cutting back on the sugar is the best idea going forward. I was doing very well there but then...and I haven't really related it to the stress, but you're probably right. Thanks for mentioning that. Love and hugs right backatcha~
  5. hearts and roses

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    Thanks MM, that's what we're hoping for too~
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    I hope you feel better soon H&R !