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    Okay Tony has had problems with his right shoulder joint bothering him for years now. I suspect it is his rotator cuff. It really bothers him when he has to hang sheet rock and most especially over his head or carry it up ladders. Hey, he is getting old! He has no insurance and hasnt for most of his life. I think one job out of all of his jobs ever offered it and that was years and years ago. Where we live there is no access to any income based ortho clinics. However, UNC Chapel Hill medical center does offer a charity care fund for people who fall into his situation. He meets the criteria.

    I called them and he can get in to see a doctor at their ortho clinic but it will cost him $100 for the first visit and then he can apply for the charity fund. I think that is doable. We only live 2 hours from Chapel Hill. Yes it is a ride but still, he can get this issue worked on. He is in pain. He needs this fixed. He is arguing with me over how he shouldnt have to go so far away to deal with this, he shouldnt have to pay that much...yada yada yada. How he will have to go to Chapel Hill all the time for his appointments thereafter. Whining.

    Excuse me. I have no patience for anyone who whines about hurting but wont go get help when it is offered. I find the help...use it. It isnt my fault that I can access my help in Lumberton. In fact, I plan to try going to a new ortho in another town next time myself. Should I whine to him about that? Its gotten so bad here that I cant even say I have any pain because he will start saying how badly he is in pain! I mentioned the other night that one of my teeth was getting in really bad shape and I was probably going to have to go see the dentist soon and before I could get the entire sentence out he was off complaining about how bad his teeth were hurting! Im surprised he isnt having menopause too.
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    Janet - He IS. Only it isn't called that... its called "male-o-pause". THEIR hormones start going whacky, too - for different reasons.
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    Oh he paused somewhere back at about age 30 and I havent seen much since then.
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    Janet, I have been having problems with my shoulder, too. It was diagnosed as rotator cuff tendinitis or impingement syndrome last summer. I had a cortisone shot and had to go to physical therapy and I was amazed how quickly the pain went away.

    However, I was supposed to keep up the exercises at home and didn't and the pain gradually came back. I went back to the ortho this week and had another cortisone shot and am now doing the exercises at home and am hoping to avoid having to go back to physical therapy.

    Will Tony be willing to keep up with the exercises?

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    I had one frozen, I mean FROZEN shoulder that took over a year to fully come back and the other came close a year later. I use my hands and arms to communicate (ASL) so it really stunk. I had a small tear that they said should not have caused it to freeze but whatever, the cortisone shot worked for me too. I hated getting it but wow, it really turned things around with the therapy. I had tried Chiro. for many months first and just got more and more stuck. There were times I thought I'd throw up from the pain. I hope he gets over his stubbornness. sounds like you found a totally doable way to get treated. DUMB man! lol
  6. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member would hope he would do what it takes to keep it well. He also uses it daily so I would think that would exercise it pretty much. I know if he doesnt get this taken care of it will just get worse.
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    Buddy, I was told what I had could lead to frozen shoulder if I didn't do the physical therapy. After reading up on frozen shoulder, I am now doing the exercises religiously.