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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Somy son called today.....I have been a little unsure of things as I know he has had some angst with trying to find sober living and he is getting tired of the restrictions where he is at....and yet he still seems serious about recovery.

    So he has found a place he likes where he will still be able to get to IOP which he plans on continuing! Then in our conversation he casually mentioned his sponsor....I didn't know he had gotten a sponser! And then he said he is working the steps and just got through step 3!

    Yowza! This is a kid who definitely did not like AA much....but he seems tone embracing it now.

    Those of you feeling hopeless go back and read my early posts....because honestly I am amazed and thankful he got to this place and it was his doing not mine.
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    This is great!
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    Oh TL, that's so encouraging!
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    Very encouraging TL. Step 4 is the hardest so I am sending him a lot of positive vibes. That is certainly a change in attitude on his part.
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    Yes we will see what happens with step 4!! So the bad news is our insurance is not going to cover any more IOP which is so frustrating!! I got a call from the clinical director and she says this is due to his stubborness and wanting to do things his own way.... not sure exactly what that means but anyways it is what it is. They are going to continue to work with him and offer him services 3 hours a week and general support so that is good. Really it has been a great place for him. He called and he sounds good really. His first priority is to get a job.... and he seems to feel that he will do ok... I just hope that is true. He is going to have a lot more freedom and we all know that will bring a lot more temptation but hopefully with the support he will continue to do well. I am just staying as supportive as I can!
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    Hi TL,

    How are you doing?

    Your son is really stepping up and taking control of his recovery! Good for him!
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    Hi Apple,, Thank you for asking. He still seems to be doing well.... he is now in a sober house which is all good and I hope he is looking for a job. I texted with him briefly yesterday after seeing a post on FB that had me wondering. Sounds like he has hit some curve balls in life (some issues with friends etc) that he his having to deal with.... and hopfeully is finding his way with the use ofo substances. It makes me a bit nervous but that is because of all the past history. I am planning to visit him in a month and that will give me a better real read on the situation.