Another restraint


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Kanga on Monday. Eeyore today. Luckily he is a lot smaller than Kanga as I had spent all day working outside.

Eeyore was tic-ing so badly it was sad. I always know when he is calm enough to release because the tic stop.

I can't wait for school to end and summer to start -- these transitional days are killing me!


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I actually got out of the house and played Bunco with a group of women from my town. It was nice not to deal with kids for a few hours!!!


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Chiming in with support, as well. Glad you got out of the house for a bit and were able to shift gears and enjoy yourself for a bit.

I have always thought that the end of the school year's energy is so elevated at school that our difficult child has to work so hard to maintain during the day that it sometimes backfires on him.

Sending you hugs and hoping that as summer kicks in for all of us that we have a little down time in the anxiety department.

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Triple J,

Don't you just want to pull your hair out? Sometimes I want to scream "knock it off" & my difficult children listen. Nice fantasy - keeps me going.

Out of curiosity, when kanga is so out of control, are you able to keep her in a different room so that she isn't baiting & agitating you? If I can keep kt in a different setting things settle quickly - it's like she needs my presence to act out.

Glad you were able to get out & play for a bit last night.