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We don't know yet. difficult child hit an aide today. He may be facing a two day suspension. According to difficult child it was just a tap-I don't know as we haven't talked to the aide yet.

I'm beginning to feel like difficult child's spec. ed. teachers are targeting him (and I don't say that easily) as well as they don't know how to handle him very well. I know he isn't easy but last year he was only in the office about two times total and now this year it is a fairly common occurance along with the suspensions.

Last I know the principal was trying to get ahold of the asst. superintendent to find out what was the next step since on Tuesday when we had to stop his IEP meeting we did mention that although we wanted to stop because certain people were leaving we were concerned that he could get suspended in the meantime (are point is that a lot of this is part of his diability and they are currently holding him to the same standards as all other students which isn't fair).

Not sure what the outcome will be-grrrrrrrr but I really don't want to take any more time off :mad:

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Geeez, Sharon - I'm so sorry, honey.

I don't know what to say - it seems that difficult child is so spiraling out of control.

Keeping you & yours in my thoughts daily.


Sharon, I'm so sorry. I have no words of advice, just positive thoughts and gentle hugs coming your way. I'm hoping you and the SD can agree on an IEP that puts into place better ways of handling your difficult child than constantly suspending him.


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So sorry that things with difficult child continue to be causing you so much grief. Hopefully , you and the team will be able to come to terms of appropriate ways to deal with difficult child that are structured to meet the limitations of his disability.
Hopefully , your weekend will at least be calm.

Sending supportive thoughts your way.



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Did you do a FBA yet? If not, I would request one to put together a behavior plan. If you have a behavior plan, then I would request some changes due to the fact that it is not working. You need to analyze what sets the behavior off, and talk about what can be done ahead of time to not set it off. It helped us to have a place that difficult child could go to "chill out" to prevent him from going out of control. He could ask to go there, or staff could ask him to go if they noticed certain behaviors emerging. Sometimes he needed an escort out, but it prevented him constantly getting suspended.


trying to survive....

I'm so sorry things are not going that well at school. I hope they come up with some new strategies to prevent these outbursts. Are they pusing too much and rather than using enough planned ignoring??

For a while I allowed one of my really explosive kids to remove himself to the back table of the room and do some quiet drawing. Although it meant that he was not engaging in the learning process, he was able to use this time to calm down and eventually come back and join the group. (He was actually listening during some of my teaching just out of the way) Would this kind of thing be helful for difficult child?

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Thanks Ladies,

As always your repsonses are much appreciated.

We have done an FBA but it was when he was in first grade. We need to make some updates to the BIP and were hoping to do that at his IEP meeting but due to people needing to leave we didn't finish. This was the exact concern I brought up. We have asked for him to have a place to chill out-they don't know where that would be. We said even the office would be o.k and they think that is too far away. My opinion is they need to figure out a place.

Last year they had a study carrel in the room for him (kind of like what you suggested, Janine) and then another in the hallway. This year's group doesn't like that idea. Everything we suggest they have a reason for not doing it which is why this is so frustrating!

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The principal called today. She is suspending him for one day for now because she still hasn't heard back from the asst. superintendent. I will be taking the day off and missing a meeting I was actually looking forward to.

husband and I are looking in to finding an advocate to bring to the next IEP meeting. We have also ordered a couple of books that look like that they might be helpful. We are beyond frustrated.