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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by anxiety25, Nov 9, 2006.

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    Still going to get him tested out-thinking of switching pediatricians as it has taken 4 months to get in to see this one as it is... too bad medicaid only goes so far in the line of doctors, and around here, not many options to choose from that have good reviews.

    Since I last posted, he has stopped spitting, he has stopped licking, his teacher put him on a behavioral report and he's come home with nothing but smilie faces for a week now :laugh:

    He started singing, he FINALLY got comfortable enough in school to do the exercises (after half a year) in P.E. and was thrilled with the reward from doing it (the special class activities). He told me last night "well, I guess I just wasn't paying enough attention to the teacher until now".
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    Oh! taken from the other idea someone mentioned before when I posted when he started singing, he has a "stress ball" that he takes with him in the stores now, keeps it in his pocket and when he feels the urge to grab anything off of the shelves, he takes it out and plays with it instead :laugh:

    Works wonders! tyvm