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Been on them for years. Been trying to wein off for 1yr now. I thought now isnt good time, but when? It seems like life wont give me a break to do so, some drama always happening. But after gaining 80lbs i have to get off. Getting too big. So now instead if feeling numb to the bs now i cry. And dwell on everything. My medications gave me reluwf6from dwelling. My sister says go do something. Well its 110 outside so cant. And cant shop all the time cost money. House is clean so nothing to do there. I just sit around and dwell on son and his problems. How i will cope when he comes out and is homeless. Luckly my granddaughter comes for month of july.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I'd have to say that in your despair it sounds like your antidepressants may not be working for you. I took Lexepro for a year and was able to wean myself off of them. You may need assistance from a doctor also.

Pitfalls and pity parties are everywhere for those of us that are struggling with our new realities, whether it be an adult child in the throws of addiction or whatever else life puts in our path.

We have three choices when these things happen in our lives:

1. Crash and burn and give up and go down with the ship.
2. Paralysis which is another way of giving up. Not moving forward in life. Not finding joy in anything that surrounds us.
3. SOLDIER ON and continue to move forward; halting, at times stumbling, and even crawling forward. Take what has been dealt to us and be open minded and creative and fashion new lives.

I have chosen #3 which I believe is the hardest of all but it is the only choice that makes our lives worth living while enduring the anguish of not knowing how any of this will end for us. It takes tremendous energy to brace for bad news but maintain hope at the same time.

I hope and pray that you can find some way to enjoy some inner peace and take care of YOU. It is not easy but you are worth it!