Anxiety hits me...



just as hard as difficult child. I think he got it from me. I seem to worry about everything.

i just started HRT patch three weeks ago. I know the side effects, especially blood clots and stroke. My mother had several strokes, grandfather...

So, I was up north and I was rubbing my arm and in the middle of my arm was this bump. Like the size of a marble. just like if you were to put a marble under your skin. It appeared out of no where. I thought maybe a bug bite, but it was all black and blue and purple. I didn't bump it. Then as I try to sleep I am thinking of the HRT and blood clots. So in the morning I went and bought some asprin and started taking that. It took a good 24 hours for it to go down. That was a week ago, still very black and blue/purple but no bump.

Now tonight the left side of my face is tingly. Forehead, around my eye, upper cheek. First thought was I am coming down with sinus infection. Now the stroke thought set in.

I worry about way to many things. But the tingly feeling is driving my nuts.


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I worry non stop as well about all sorts of thing is retarded. I am sure you are not having a stroke or anything even similar, but like me, it is probably stress. Take a long bath, and relax if you can. Take care!


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Kjs, call your doctor on Monday and tell the doctor about these unusual symptoms. Whether it's nothing or whether it's something you'll be glad you called. It's a win-win.