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    I got remarried 3 years ago and I now have a step son as well as my own 2 children. He is 5 years old and whenever something doesn't go his way he he hits himself aggressively on his head and says hes dumb and stupid. Sometimes he just throws himself to floor and cries or becomes angry and ruins/throws whatever he has on his hand or near him. Simple crafts that dont look perfect to him or slight mess up he cries or freaks out. Sometimes when all kids are playing he will go play alone or just sit and watch, but its like he drifted into day dreaming while sitting alone. Sometimes he comes angry with my son the same age and chokes him aggressively. All the kids love eachother so much. When talking to him he never looks you in the eye but maybe a quick glance. His mother acts like everything is perfect and there are no problems. He is very intelligent at 4 he was reading any word in front of him. I am just becoming very concerned because seems like each time we get him the tantrums get worse and worse.
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    My instant reaction was for Dad to make an appointment now, this minute with a neuro psychologist (psychologist with special extra training in the brain and excellent diagnosticians.) Stepson has so many red flags for high functioning autism, including the playing alone, day dreaming, frustration when something isnt perfect, and inability to look others in the eyes (huge red flags, all of them). I feel that sometime in his life he will get this often is not until they are older, but the earlier the child gets interventions the better they do in life. The tantrums are very common too with autism. My son used to slap himself and bang his head against the wall and his forehead on the floor. He would mumble about himself "I am such an idiot!" "I am stupid!" He also was smart...they tend to be very good at rote learning. My son could read at two.

    I have a 24 year old son with high finctioning autism and he got help early and is doing great now. Lives alone, calm, independent. The only symptom my son did not display as a child though was physical violence but a lot of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids do.

    Do not trust a pediatrician or therapist to catch this. It requires a detailed evaluation. Please do the evaluation. Better to be save than sorry. Autism is very treatable but regular discipline doesnt work. Talking to them doesnt eork. They need specific interventions. By experts. Their brains are wired differently. I hope Mom doesnt have full legal custody and holds back an evaluation. And I hope you and Dad dont feel he is just being difficult or that he will outgrow it. He needs compassion and the right help.

    You have a nice family and its great that your kids love each other! Good luck!
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    Has he been evaluated?