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    husband and I have talked about me going back to school. I want to and know I need to but I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. There are a few different areas that have peaked my interest but nothing definate. So....I'm investigating education options in these areas but I'm wondering. One of my interests is forensics. I LOVE all of the CSI shows on tv and also watch a lot of the real ones on A&E or Discovery Channel. But....the idea of walking into an actual crime scene with a dead body or handling biological evidence grosses me out. I think forensics is extremely fascinating...I just don't want to have to see/touch/smell anything nasty. Plus I'm horrid at science and chemistry. So....considering the scope of the field, that pretty much leaves me with fingerprints. I'm researching Criminal Justice programs at area schools but I'm not finding anything specific to the area of fingerprints. Does anyone know if that is one of those things where you get your foot in the door somewhere and work your way to it or is there actual programs through schools?

    I know a few cops in my area but my town is pretty little. Anything they would have to analyze would be sent off somewhere so I don't know if anyone here would know about the schooling end of it. Any ideas? (Janet...would Jamie know anything about this?)
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    im gonna pm you
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    Stang...I applaude you first. Now reality. That usually stinks. Being an educator can be more rewarding than you can imagine, but it just doesn't pay the bills. There are the few states that have great benefits if you join a union, but as I said, they are few.

    I'd go with your gut instinct. What feels good to you? What would you come home to at the end of the day and feel proud and good about no matter the pay?

    If you love what you do, pay is not an option. Happiness is.