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    heroin? difficult child is now taken to this and I am losing the battle to get him into treatment. He has insurance till he turns 19 (5/29) There is a great treatment facility bout 1 hour from home but that would be too easy. I got all the info but difficult child keeps giving the same old ****. One minute he's ready then the next he's not. I finally told him to call me when he's ready or have the ER call me when he OD's. He says he knows what he's doing. Which has to be the stupidest statement I have ever heard
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    I am so sorry. Several members here have had experience with difficult children who used heroin.

    Sending gentle hugs.
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    I've not had to deal with heroin, but my son was using other things. My experience was what I've read ... that the user has to be ready/willing to quit, and only then will help be effective. Sometimes they have to hit bottom first, and I know that's not a pleasant thing to watch, especially when it is your own child. Before they are 18, at least you can get them somewhere which may open their eyes and give them reason to change, but once 18, all I think you can do is what you are doing.

    When he is ready, you might consider what we did for my son. Step one was time in a carefully selected psychiatric hospital. followed immediately by a stay at the wilderness program he selected from the choice we gave him. The wilderness program was also carefully researched to fit his character - and only two seemed right for him. In the end, those steps were all worth it -- not a "happily ever after", but new self-esteem, understanding, and strength.
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    I myself have not direct experiences with heroin. I believe a strong deterrent for my son is some kids who he has been friends with told him directly that if he is on hard drugs i.e. cocaine,crack,heroin,oxycontin etc they will drop him as a friend. At 19 they have more influence on him than I do.
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    I'm sorry that you are dealing with this addiction. I was forced to some exposure of this with my x. I went to narcanon, and counseling to prepare myself for my future.

    I would also HIGHLY recommend calling the drug abuse hotline in the front of your yellow pages and see if they have any resources for you. I think if this were my son I would knock him out -and he'd wake up in treatment, but unless he's hoping that someone just take control over his life and force him into treatment - it may not work.

    My best thought for your son is find yourself a local narcanon meeting, go a few times, talk to others who are recovering and find out from their perspective what could/may/might help your son.

    You have my utmost sympathies.....I know why you say things to him like tell the ER to call me it's out of desperation and love.