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I just can not seem to lose this wieht.As much running around i do with my children people say i should be thin.But im not. i have tryed everything.need help.all the people i know are they wont go to the gym and i hate going by my self i feel out of place .any ideas? :smile:


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I was trying, but I gave up.

Everything I try to eat that's better for you - low fat, low carb, less sodium, whatever, tastes like garbage.

I'm sorry, I cannot subsitute baby carrots (*gag*) for potato chips with my lunch. I think I'm just always going to be heavy.

But I have a ton of recipes if you want them. I can't guarantee they taste that great.



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Do you mean a weight loss club here on the Board?

I am also interested in having some help to lose weight.

I'd be interested to see what other people write.

Love, Esther


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yeh. why not every one could just check in and let us know how they are doing.and you dont have to be embarrasd about what you wiegh or anything.i notice you are from israel i always wanted to go there.
I'm trying to loose weight too!!! I don't think there is just one way to accomplish this. No matter what method you choose to use, I think that in order for it to be truly effective, you can't really look at yourself as being on a diet. I think you have to change your relationship with food permanently. I think its more of a lifestyle change.

I find that I'm an emotional eater. I wrote something about this on page 6 of this forum. My post is called Mindless Eating. I was given some good suggestions by others that you might find helpful too.

Normally I could talk about this subject for hours, but I'm really exhausted tonight! I'll write more about this again soon. WFEN


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Have you looked into the online diet programs?
I'm forever looking to lose 10lbs. Story of my life. LOL


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yeh but you usally have to by stuff and i dont do that over the pretty new to all this.i wish i only had to lose 10 pds.i even thought of trying out for the biiest loser.but when they were having open calls they were just to far away.


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dont do that i knew some one who died because the doctos messed up they ended up cutting things that were NOT suppose to be.there has to be a better know im going to lose this wieght and ill check in every day to let you know how im doing.and any one who wants to they can do the same.what do you think?


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PCdaughter and I are getting ready to start the "Cabbage soup" diet. Both of us have gained about 10 pounds this winter, and it needs to come off. Neither of us is overweight, but....I hate it when I am not comfortable in my clothes. The diet is not extreme...if you call eating cabbage soup everyday not extreme, but you do get to eat other things as well. I'll let you know how it goes.


What appropriate timing! I came into the Watercooler tonight to let you all know about a wonderful website I found. And the best part is - it's completely free! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site.


You put in your current weight and goal weight and time frame - it won't let you try to lose too much too fast so if your time frame isn't reasonable it won't let you do it. It has a menu planner that allows for you to account for things like cholesterol, sodium, sugar, etc. and it also has recipes. If you go out to eat, you can still track all of that because it has almost every major restaurant's menu items with calories, fat, etc. If it's not listed you can go to that restaurant's website and look it up and add it.

Basically when you tell it how much weight you want to lose, it calculates how many calories per day you should eat and how much excercise per day/week.

It's more than just a weight loss website. It's a healthy living website.

Good luck!



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i have heard about the cabbage diet its suppose to help you burn calories.and also thanks for the site info im going to check it out.

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I'm always trying to lose a bit of weight. Right now if I could take off 10 pounds I'd be thrilled! I work for weight watchers very part time and it has helped me keep off a bunch of weight for over 10 years.

Sue C

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Last year when I went for my physical, my dr told me I was 5 lbs over the top end of the scale for my height/weight/age. I wasn't happy with my body at that time. Since then, I've added about 8 more lbs. I added the extra 8 lbs since I quit working. That shows me that even just walking next door to my job and getting up and down to walk to the printer helped keep off the extra lbs. Now I don't do any kind of exercise, and I am slowing down.

I have a Curves membership and haven't gone since the end of August. Every week I tell myself I'll go back. Every week I disappoint myself. I know I will not be able to do the three times around circuit, and I wonder about even going once around.

I also don't eat properly. My breakfast is usually Lucky Charms. :frown:

I need some big time encouragement!



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i have a membership to ballys thank to a friend.but i have been so sick the past couple of weeks .but im going to go even though i dont like going by my self.ill see if i can get any one to go with me.


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my friend and I have been mall walking. We both have had a hard time getting re-motivated ourselves. We have done the gym, we do walk outdoors in nice weather.

Mall walking is fun because you can look at all the clothes, the climate is perfect, there is music to listen to. We go around 8:30 in the a.m. and are out of there before the mall opens.

It isn't all that strenuous but it is better than nothing. We added the stairs and that brought our heart rate up.

The food part is the biggest battle. I have had much success with weight watchers in the past. I know the program, I am just having a hard time putting it into action.

I'll join a weight loss club on the board if we come up with one.


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now malking in the mall sounds hun.looking at all the cloths that i would love to fit into.and i think by me starting to exercise that will get rid of a lot of stress.some one told me that does any one know if that works.


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Stress reduction via exercise works.

When we feel better, we treat ourselves better. When we treat ourselves better, we begin to feel that we deserve better.

Like Nomad said, it is all about small, small steps.

The first step though, is to stop beating yourself up about it.

Imagine what your life will be like next year at this time when you are thin. Picture that so clearly, three or maybe four times a day for five or ten minutes. Sit down and write out how it will be when you are a size two or whatever it is that you want to be. Write about how you will look, how you will change your hair once the first ten pounds are gone, how you will change your makeup ~ and what wonderful kinds of things will begin happening to you once the weight starts coming off.

Stop thinking about calories and dieting and punishing yourself for being where you are, now.

Next year, when you are thin, you will look back on this time and read through your journaling and admire your own courage.

Also, eliminate fat-free from your diet. Fat satiates us. Without it, especially if we are eating fat-free sugary things, there is nothing to key in that satiation response that signals us to quit eating. Limit or eliminate pasta and forego sugary things you know you don't really enjoy, anyway. If there is something you really want, postpone having it for as long as you can ~ five minutes or five weeks ~ and then, have as much of it as you want. Eat way too much of it, if that is what you truly want. Soon enough, you will want something different, something better for yourself, than to stuff yourself with things which are not who you really want to be.

As you begin to cherish yourself, you will find yourself eating differently.

Wishing you well with this, and waiting with you to see the wonderful changes coming for you in the coming year as the weight melts away.

Stop beating yourself up.

Cherish yourself thin.



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Well this is one topic I know about. Just plan what you are going to eat. Seriously, don't deviate from it. Just do it. That cabbage soup is horrid by the way, after a day you will be ill just thinking about it. But it is a good idea to make some soup that is filling. I always (even now )have soup called "Black Bean Stoup" by Rachael Ray(google it). It is full of beans and veggies and so filling and yummy. I don't even count vegatables as calories. Another thing is to not tell anyone and be strong -use every ounce of will power you have. This is what I do. I weigh under 100 pounds and am 5'4. -Good Luck everyone, you can do it!