Any suggestion for my depressed son


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Hi, I am Cynth From Toronto. It is for my son I am writing here. He is just 10 but the situation he is into is really bad. Something more that his age could handle. He is obese and his friends tease him for this. Teasing is something that normally happen but his friends are avoiding him. Now my dear is almost alone and it's like he completely down and he doesn't want to come out of his room even. My first thought was to take him for a weight loss treatment at Harvey Brooker ( ) which is near to our place and our relative or friends won't know that we went there as it is near. Or else it would hurt him more if others come to know and tease him. So that he would regain his lost confidence by losing his weight. Then I thought of taking him for a counseling so that he would regain his lost strength and confidence. But I am confused in making the decision. I don't know what should I opt? Should I go for treatment or Counselling? He is a kid right how can making get into more troubles. I want to see him happy and healthy enjoying his life like his other friends. And I don't know whether it would be good to make kid undergo a weight loss treatment at this age and I don't know about the counselling that I should make him undergo.


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Is there any way you can do both? Weight loss program and counseling? Does the weight loss place provide counseling? Many people lose weight, but their body image of themselves doesn't improve.



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But will it be good to do both at the same time ? He is just 10 right how can I make him undergo both at a time?


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Hi and welcome, Cynthia!

Is there any reason that your son has gained on much weight?

Maybe start with a trip to his pediatritian and rule out any physical problems and have the doctor talk to him to assess his needs. The doctor may be the best one to guide you to your next step.

If I had to choose one or the other, counseling or weight loss, I would choose the weight loss. It will help him in both a mental and physical sense.

Does he have any interest in sports/arts/collecting/4H or something? Getting/keeping him involved in some type of interest will help him focus on something outside of himself, and maybe make some new friends.

Please get a doctors appointment for him today.

Stay with us. We care.


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Hi and welcome,

I think that your son needs both. I think that he needs a weight loss program AND treatment for his depression. One without the other is going to be useless.

I looked at the website you linked and I am not sure that that would be an appropriate program for a child. It seems like a program geared towards adult men.

I realize you are in Canada so your health care system is different, but I would start with visiting the pediatrician and asking for a referral to a registered dietician. Weight loss with children requires a different approach than weight loss with adults.


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Your poor son.

First of all, start with a complete physical and a neuropsychological evaluation. Once that is done and you know where he stands healthwise mentally and physically, it's time for the WHOLE family to get started getting healthy.

Yep. The whole family. You all are going to get on an exercise program, and you all are going to learn how to eat healthy and shop for and prepare healthy meals.

If your whole family doesn't participate, all you are doing is singling your son out again, and making his situation worse.

If you have skinny, active family members, you are going to have to sneak them food, or easier, substitute whole milk for them instead of skim milk, etc. I had this happen as a child when my dad, who was morbidly obese, went to a bariatric doctor and was put on a very strict diet. His dietician suggested the whole family participate.

My mother worked outside the home and could eat big lunches. My sister could do to lose a little weight. Me? I was chronically underweight and ate like a horse.

The dietician's secret to keep me from wasting away to nothing was "special shakes" full of ice cream, egg yolks, bananas, and powdered milk. I drank one real quick first thing in the morning and one out of a thermos at lunch at school.

I'm sure if you have to keep a skinny family member from starving you can get good "smoothie" recipes from the nutritionist you should be working with during this process.

Just remember. You have to all work together as a team.