anyone have an IPOD?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Kjs

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    both my kids have one but they do their own music thing. We currently do not have a computer. The boys cannot answer my questions clearly though.

    I was complaining about the big CD player I take with when I work out. (not so often recently). For my birthday I got a IPOD shuffle. Perfect for me, I don't know 200 songs!

    Anyway, my question is can I record my Cd's to the ipod? If so How? Don't you have to purchase the songs through Itunes? Can I have my Cd's copied to the computer and then copied or moved into Itunes to then copy to IPOD?
  2. Nancy

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    Yes you can import your cd's into itunes and sync them onto your ipod but if you don't have a computer how are you going to do that?

  3. WhymeMom?

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    I have a shuffle and love it! I love the clip on option and I don't need 5,000 songs. I hate it when I can't find the song I want and have to go thru 100 songs to find the one I want. Now on the new IPODs you can dial thru and listen to the song you want but they are a little more bulky.
    Would think with the number of computers around someone would be able to download your cds to itunes and load on your shuffle. You may not get to change the songs as often as you like or add new ones at the drop of a hat, but if you are like me, there are the same old songs you like to hear over and over.....
  4. Lothlorien

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    Do you have a computer at work that you can do that with?

    I have a Sansa. I rip cds with Media Player and then sync them to my MP3. I'm not sure if you can do it with an Ipod. I thin you have to have their software to do it. That's why I liked the Sansa, since I wasn't hooked into only their stuff.
  5. Nomad

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    I received an IPOD shuffle as a gift shortly after it came out.
    Sadly, my son and daughter put on several songs for me and I never learned how to do this. I am dying of embarassment.
    However, I did ask that someone sit down and teach me and both of them declined. Seems my techno slowness frustrates them. Recently, my IPOD battery is not charging properly. We took it to the IPOD store and it was soooo crowded. We had to make an appointment to even speak with them. However, the person indicated that I will likely get a new one. I have thought about asking them if they give lessons! LOL! Anyway, even though I am not savvy, I really have enjoyed it.
  6. witzend

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    You know, I see a small business opportunity in this...

    Honestly I don't know how to download songs without a computer, as there are two parts to the process. You put your songs on I-Tunes which is a program on the computer, then with the shuffle, you either select yourself or allow the I-Tunes to randomly select enough songs to fill your shuffle.
  7. Marguerite

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    I've got a 30 G iPod, one of the bigger ones. It's still hand-sized though, but with a large screen.

    iTunes tends to be the program that people use most, to process their music through. The software should come with the iPod.

    The iPod is an Apple invention, but it can be used with a easy child just as easily. However, as we're Mac people at home (ie Apple computers primarily) we have no trouble, it all interfaces beautifully.

    Your iPod will need to be formatted to either Mac or easy child. Choose whichever computer type you are most likely to have access to. For example, easy child 2/difficult child 2's iPod was originally formatted to her ex-boyfriend's easy child, but she's re-formatted it to Mac, especially now she owns her own Mac laptop.

    To charge the iPod - you can buy things tat will plug in direct, and charge them. various iStations, for example. We have also bought a car kit which charges AND plays through the radio, so no more lugging boxes of tapes when we go on long car trips - the iPod has enough storage for us to play without repeating, for weeks.

    At home - we plug the iPod into the computer to charge the battery, but also to load songs.

    To load music - you need to get a sound file (the CD) converted into MP3 format (a computer file). MP3s take up a lot less space on a disc, so you can buy CDs of MP3s and get a lot more packed into a smaller space. You don't just have music to choose from - husband bought a lot of old "The Shadow" radio show episodes. They were out of copyright, so we got hours and hours of it all, for only a few dollars to cover postage.

    husband also downloads podcast radio programs to play later on the iPod.

    The best way to convert sound to MP3 is to process it through a software package such as iTunes. From there you can load them onto the iPod - when it is connected to your computer, an icon should appear on the screen. You then transfer files to the iPod just as you would to any attached drive.

    In iTunes you can put in the extra information about the tracks, such as the name of the artist, the name of the album, the type of music. I also use iTunes to create folders and playlists, so I can lump groups of tracks together. For example, I have some purely instrumental collections. And for when I'm driving impressionable young kids, I have some fun but clean tracks for kids to sing along to. The kids have added their own favourites to my iPod using their own playlists.

    And if I've accidentally put the same song on twice, or I decide I don't like a track any more, I can easily delete it when it's hooked up to my computer.

    I can also download my address book from the computer as well as iCal, the calendar/diary feature. The iPod will then beep my reminders to me, which can be very useful. While we were on the road a couple of months ago and heading north, I realised I'd forgotten my diary with the phone numbers of where we were going. But it was in the iPod, so I was able to track down the info that way. Very useful.

    I can also put holiday snaps on my iPod, although I haven't really put many on. I still haven't worked out how to put video clips on it yet, though. Or movies. I know I can, but I need to do it without having to order the movie online. I want to copy a DVD I own, so I can watch it on the iPod while waiting in my car, for example, and then delete it and replace it with another one for next long wait.

    Are you getting a new computer for the family? Or is there someone you have frequent access to, who is happy for you to fill their computer with your music? As long as it's the same kind of computer, you can use someone else's for now, then use yours when you get one again.

    Enjoy - they really are amazing little gadgets.

  8. witzend

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    Bear in mind that when you move your I-Tunes from one computer to another, you will either have to rebuild your library, or copy everything from the one computer and then reload it into another. This will in all likelihood (it did mine) wipe out everything on your i-pod, then reload it again.
  9. Kjs

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    The motherboard is shot on my computer. I have an external drive that the boys moved their music to.
    Itunes must be used to transfer from computer to IPOD, I know that from my boys. I was just curious about complete CD's. I only have a few that I would listen to.
    Neighbor's daughter has Itunes. Maybe he would be willing to load me up, then delete it.
    Now I have no excuse to not workout.
  10. witzend

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    I don't think you can share i-Tunes files between i-Pods. You have to "authorize" your pod to the computer, and they wipe out the other person's pod when you hook a new one up. Maybe there's a way to authorize more than one pod to each computer, but I'm not sure how. I have never wanted to try that, and won't let anyone else use my i-tunes for that reason. That's why L got a shuffle for her birthday and has nothing on it. I'm not willing to add her shuffle to my computer for fear it will wipe out my tunes. I have been loading tunes for over three years now and have a library of about 3,300 songs plus movies and television programs.

    But I do know that you can download complete CD's. I've never downloaded music from the internet, mines all from CD's or DVDs.
  11. Marguerite

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    We've got three iPods in the family (as in, living here) plus easy child's MP3 player. They all use our iTunes for their iPods, the same library. But we have created separate names for each person's iPod so whenever they plug theirs in, the computer icon shows whose it is and only their library updates. They drag the playlists of their choice to their iPod. No problems. We have a lot of versatility. But it could be a Mac thing... I'll ask them. easy child 2/difficult child 2 uses her laptop as well as our main computer. And my iPod - husband transfers the podcasts from his laptop onto my iPod, but most of my CDs get transferred through our main computer. The very first music on my iPod was transferred from my laptop. All our Macs came with iTunes anyway, although our main computer is now the oldest version we have and can't be upgraded any more. Time for a new Mac soon?

  12. Marguerite

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    I just checked with easy child 2/difficult child 2 about how it works - she said if you have your iTunes set to automatically update every time you connect your iPod, then iTunes will always over-write whatever is on the iPod connected. In other words, someone else connecting their iPod to your iTunes will find YOUR library has replaced what they had.

    But you don't have top have it set to automatically update every time. We just plug it in and drag any new MP2 files from the iTunes library to the iPod file and just those ones get added, regardless of whatever else is on that iPod. Other stuff loaded elsewhere doesn't get lost.

    If using someone else's computer, you can save the MP3 files you created by burning them to a CD as MP3s, which makes a quick set-up of your own iTunes much quicker, when your own computer is back on deck.

  13. witzend

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    That makes sense. I'm still not doing it for L. ;) You should have seen what happened to my dictionary in Word when I let her use my computer! It couldn't recognize anything she was trying to spell, and she was so sure that she was right that instead of picking out any of the suggestions, she just added all of her words to the dictionary. So, any time that I made a typo with those particular words, my computer wouldn't know it. She'll never touch my computer again!
  14. Abbey

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    NO ONE touches my laptop. It's the only computer in the house that is not infected or not working. I have guard dogs by it.