Anyone have gallbladder problems/gallstones?

Calamity Jane

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easy child is having some health issues lately, and may have gallstones. Anyone here have experience with this? How did it go? Thanks in advance for your replies.


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I was sick for a year with severe pain before the doctor did an ultrasound and they found I was FULL of stones. I had my gallbladder out but they also found stones in the liver ducts so a 45 minute surgery turned into a 3 1/2 hour surgery (while my poor husband was freaking out in the waiting room because no one bothered to inform him). I had to spend two nights in the hospital.

Despite that little setback I would have it out again in a heartbeat. I feel SO much better. Most people I know who have their gallbladder out had an easy surgery and went home the same day - it's pretty common.

Sorry your easy child is having problems.


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easy child had his gallbladder taken out last March due to gallstones. He had a sudden attack with pain and a high fever. I took him to the ER expecting it to be his appendix but they did an ultrasound and found stones in his gallbladder. It is very rare for a teenage boy to have gallbladder disease. Most individuals who have it are over 40, overweight, and female. easy child is none of those things. To this day we have no idea how he got it. Anyway, now he is doing fine. He can't have too much fat in his diet or he gets gas pain and diarrhea but other than that he hasn't had any problems since.