Anyone here of Myofascial Release?



difficult child sees Psychiatrist, neurologist, psychologist for weekly counsoling as well as social worker at school once a week. He has headaches everyday sometimes so severe he throws up. He has been taking topomax for that for about 6 months, he said his headaches have gone from everyday to about 3 times a week. (bad ones). Psychologist suggested Myofascial Release. It is covered by my insurance. I went also due to headaches. Massage like. he came out of his hour session and said he was so relaxed it felt like he was floating. He had a headache when he went in, but it takes a few sessions to loosen up the nerves.
Anyone hear of that?


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Kjs, I'd be cautious, but proceed. Basically, it's "suck it and see". If there is genuine, obvious improvement then continue. If there is only vague improvement or none at all, then stop.

From my digging into this topic - it's more towards the alternative medicine area, which means there COULD be something in it, or it COULD be ripe for exploitations by frauds and tricksters. I've seen both, in the same modality. So go carefully and don't expect all practitioners to give you the results you're currently seeing.

I guess it's like chiropractors. There are good ones, who work hand in hand with more conventional medical practitioners, and there are those who are rough as bags and do damage rather than good.

Often with alternative medicine you can get a very broad range of quality of care. You need to check the credentials of the practitioner to find out how much experience with this they have, where they got their training and whether there have been any problems with other patients being damaged. Some practitioners can be brilliant; some can be quacks. If there are fewer checks and balances in a profession it is much harder to be sure you're getting quality care.

But if you're experiencing improvement, then who is anyone to argue? That is the acid test.



Both my difficult children have bad migraines. The anticonvulsants Neurontin, Topamax and Depakote are all used to treat migraines. None of them worked for my kids. In my son's case, the blood pressure medication Inderal (generic is Propranolol) is a godsend. He barely has any headaches at all on it. In my daughter's case, her headaches improved when her mood stabilized with Lamictal and Lexapro. I also know that the tricyclic antidepressants Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline are used to treat migraines. While it's fine to try Myofacial Release, I just want you to know you have not exhausted your medication options by any stretch of the imagination. You should push the neurologist to try other medications if Topamax has not fully helped.


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Some people on a fibro board I go to use myofacsial therapy because they have what is helps them. I cannot afford it but they say it helps.