Anyone starting back on the healthy living plan?


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I'm trying to motivate myself to starting back on the eating plan. The holiday is over. I didn't buy much chocolate and the bunny cake was left at a friends.
I am back to counting calories/points. I just thought I'd start the thread to keep myself focused.
Anyone else joining me today? I plan to hop on the treadmill soon.
I'm determined to take 10lbs off. Anything after that is gravy. One milestone at a time. The clothes are more comfortable thank goodness to the exercise.
Anyone else doing something healthy today?</span>


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Good morning Fran. Yes, I will join you today! I started off with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and plan to take a walk later this morning. I began taking karate lessons in January and have been doing that three days a week. So I will practice my katas (routines) today as well.

Diet tip: I stopped drinking alcohol during the week (since January) and have lost 10 pounds as a result. I used to have two large glasses of wine every night with dinner and it added at least 400 extra calories per day that I didn/t/don't need. I'd recommend that as something to cut out from daily intake!

Here's to healthy living! :smile:


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fran, I started a healthy living plan of my own when I could not eat being distraught over things here a couple weeks back. lol
I decided to continue the effort and have lost 11 pounds. I want to lose 20 more I think to be more svelte...wink wink.
what works for me is this:
fiber for breakfast (cereal without milk or with 2% milk
protein for lunch (usually a can of tuna plain)sometimes I also have 2 oz of cheese and some salsa

whatever I want for dinner but small portions with an emphasis on veges and fruit.

2 oz cheese for snack

I also walk a few miles 3 or 4 times a week.

it is a slow start but the 11 pounds made me fit in my next size down jeans. I have jeans in 5 sizes I think lmao (wish I truly COULD laugh my :censored2: off and away)


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Yep, count me in. Actually I started last night. I ran on the treadmill for 2 miles and road the bike for 10 miles. I had to work off the little chocolate that I ate yesterday.

So today it's back to diet and excercise in earnest. I have 8 lbs to go before I reach my goal. So far I've lost between 7 & 8 lbs, it fluctuates daily until it will stabilize hopefully at the end of the week if I stay on my plan.

Good luck Fran and everyone else who is facing this challenge. We can do it.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think just posting helps me get going. I just finished 50min/3miles on the treadmill. I'm going to miss the weight training/fitness training classes this week due to going to in laws. I'm sure I'll be doing a fair amount of lifting though.

Wildflower, I haven't had alcohol of any sort for close to 10yrs. I don't care for it enough to waste the calories(but give me a cookie and I'll follow you anywhere) It's one of the easy things for me.

Nomad, I was a pretty disciplined step aerobics for about 7yrs. Never missed a class (3days a week) so I'm not really starting from scratch. The instructor changed, the class changed, it just went down the tubes and I didn't pick something up right away. I am always very cautious about my knees. I doubt I would be able to recover fully if injured at this late date. If I can manage it in the future, I will return to step a couple of times a week. I enjoyed it. I try to make sure I do something physical 4 to 5 times a week and more if I can manage it at present. I think having a class one or two days a week helps to keep focus too. Karate sounds good.

I don't eat badly during the week although I do love to graze. My downfall will always be sweets. I don't drink any soda. Salty things I enjoy but I can walk by them but I have a box of lady locks my mom sent for Easter sitting on the island. They are calling my name. I didn't even open the box because they are so tempting. I'll let the kids eat them. (thank goodness I'm leaving tomorrow) It will always be my weakness.

I take iron, MVI, calcium,baby aspirin,and fiber tabs. You would never know I'm healthy as a horse. Fortunately, I think the calcium and iron are doing their thing since everything is in normal range now. Exercising always forces me to watch how much water I'm drinking. It's easy to dehydrate especially around here in the summer.

So that is my start back to the land of sugar free and low fat. LOL. I can feel those healthy cells regenerating.
Thanks for the motivation. </span>

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Count me in on getting back on track!

I went to the club and did weights and 40 minutes of cardio. For lunch I had a huge salad (0 points), a one point Dannon light and lively yogurt and a 2 point Fiber 1 bar. For dinner I'm making a weight watchers chicken parmesan if the chicken thaws in time.

Has anyone tried the Fiber 1 bars? They are really yummy and have 9 grams of fiber. They come in chocolate or peanut butter. They are flying off the grocery shelves here.


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Thanks for starting this thread. It does help to post about it. I'm not in it for the weight lose, but I've got to watch what I eat or I'm going to gain to much with this baby. I'm a stress eater and it wasn't a happy Easter. I'm getting back on track.

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I'd love to, but I've discovered with school it's almost impossible. (I never used to believe people who used this excuse lol)

All of those new year's resolutions went phut once school started up again.

However, I am trying to make concious decisions to grab something healthy if and whenever possible. I've been avoiding snak foods and sweets by pretending they don't exist. Not easy when you have classrooms of students eating the stuff for their "meals" in front of you.

I wish I could squeeze in my walking again. I miss it, expecially at this time of the year. :frown:

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I am back on track. I took off Sat/Sun, and ate a couple of peeps yesterday, but otherwise, I'm back with my program!

Last night I cleaned out the fridge of junk - threw out all the jelly beans and crappy Easter candy that no one will gobble up within a day or so. I put all the chocolate in H's bunny basket and difficult child's. I put away all the Easter stuff, the eggs and baskets, etc. I threw out all the pastries and cakes that easy child brought home from school.

Cleaning my house has been my exercise regime for the past 3 days - Now all I have to do is get myself to curves for my daily morning workout. I am determined to shed another 10 lbs at LEAST!


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Count me in too. I went to Curves last nite and just finished my delicious and nutritious breakfast of grapfruit and a boiled egg. Still plugging along on Weight Watchers plan. My progress is so slow this time around and I am getting frustrated but I have to do this. I have such poor body image of myself and want to see some true results. I am 11.8 lbs down since I started in January but need desperately to see some more progress. I seem to be stuck at current weight-I will lose under it and then gain right back up to it. I am so tired of this cycle.

I am trying to keep a good attitude but it is so hard. It helps to know that others are trying too.

Have a healthy day!
I really like this healthy living thread. Today I've already worked out for an hour on the elliptical. I had my usual healthy breakfast of plain yogurt with splenda and a bit of cinnamon in it, an apple, and a Kashi granola bar. I've had 32 ounces of water so far...

I agree that you have to take it one step at a time. You can't be too hard on yourself when you slip up. Healthy living is a lifestyle - in my humble opinion, not exercising every now and then or not eating healthy sometimes, is okay. It's what you do most of the time that matters the most.

You can do it, Fran!!! Take it slowly one day at a time and feel good about your accomplishments. And, by the way, if you crave something sweet, I agree with Sharon. The Fiber One bars are delicious!!! I love the chocolate ones!!! WFEN
Count me in as well! I actually started a few weeks ago. I do a variation of the Atkins diet. I eat a fiber cereal for breakfast with a full glass of water. Mid morning either eat a piece of cheese or some tuna and celery with another large glass of water. Lunch is either Tuna and celery or a huge salad with chicken or whatever left over meat we happen to have, with another large glass of water. Mid afternoon is my danger time, so I concentrate on proteins of some sort. Dinner is whatever everyone else is having, minus the high calorie/high carb stuff. So far I have kept off the 10 I lost in the hospital and have lost 8 more. I have ALOT more to go but am taking it week by week and trying to go slow so that it will stay off this time!

I am just now able to start walking more so will try to get a few miles in later today. :smile:

I would love to get healthy and lose some weight; difficult child is getting married in 3/08 and I need 50-60 lbs off. Unfortunately, I take prednisone every day (anywhere from 10-30 mg daily depending on my Crohn's disease) and that just makes it harder to lose, although I know that bowl of ice cream with melted peanut butter on it every night is not helping!!! I want to start walking again, but it has been so cold here recently and without motivation and support, I am terrible about continuity. Any ideas??

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Hi Terry,

I think that we simply need to be ready, truly ready in mind and spirit. I have trouble getting my exercise in, either I'm too tired or it is too cold outside - I can always find an excise to get out of exercising. However, once I put my mind and spirit into it, my body follows. If I force myself the first 5-6 times, it becomes a small habit. But I have to force myself.

Same thing with the dieting part. Once I was finally sick of the flab, tight pants, lack of energy and foggy thinking, I decided to get serious. I met this neighbor who had just completed a "whole body cleansing" program and I was so excited to find out more info - he looked so vibrant and happy! After much talking and research, I wound up starting the cleansing program myself and I now have so much energy, my thinking is more clear, I do not have super bad cravings anymore and I just FEEL better. I've also lost 7 lbs and 16.75 inches overall - and its only been 3 weeks!

I am about to begin a maintenance program which will still control my caloric intake, boost my vitamin intake and help control cravings, plus all that other great stuff like give me more energy, help me sleep soundly, think clearly and feel good! My pants feel looser, my eyes are brighter - it's just been wonderful. I especially like sleeping soundly - what a change!

Anyway, if you want more info, PM me - I would be glad to share it with you, but I don't want to turn this thread into an infommercial. LOL

Bottom line: You need to be ready and willing to do the work it takes to get healthier. You will get there.