appetite suppressant? while on antipsychotic

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MICHL, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Is there any appetite suppressant that is safe. difficult child is eating huge amounts on seroquel and also when was on abilify. He's getting obese. Do psychiatrists ever prescribe or rec anything to combat the over eating?
  2. InsaneCdn

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    I don't know about prescribing anything, but... difficult child is on a medication with an appetite-enhancing effect. Best things we've found are to actually PLAN for snacks - don't ever let the blood sugar get low, use a mix of protein, carbs and fat plus fiber at every snack. Keep snacks small, so that if he needs something every 2 hours, it's OK. Low blood sugar amplifies hunger really fast - for all of us.

    And then... this is harder if he buys lunch at school, but... we found it helps to change how everybody in the family eats. We severely ration meat, and sweet, moderately ration complex carbs (grains, potatoes, etc.), and give free reign on fresh or cooked veggies. difficult child has gotten so he will eat a basic, balanced meal of moderate size, and then fill up on salad.
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    Mich, my son was put on Metformin (a diabetes drug) to "treat metabolic disorder" off label, and it has seemed to help. He's been on it for a couple of years and hasn't gained anymore weight, even lost some, while still taking massive amounts of Geodon. Also, there is a new study being conducted right now as to whether low vitamin d levels cause/don't help when it comes to weight loss. difficult child's psychiatrist also has him taking 1000 units of vitamin D a day, and once we added that was when he lost weight the quickest.
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    My difficult child has also been taking Metformin. It helps some.
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    Does metformin cause side
    Effects? Thanks
  6. MICHL

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    Does metformin have side effects other than appetite suppressing? Thank
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    I haven't noticed any side effects and difficult child has been on it for couple of years. I'm not saying it's right for everyone, or that you need to do it, but it's worth discussing with psychiatrist.