appointment with- psychiatrist today


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well he :doctor: showed up for our appointment so i guess we should be grateful for that!(for you that dont remember i drove 40 miles one way 3 weeks ago and he did not show up to work and this has happened 3 times) he was kissing :censored2: :rofl:...lot more friendly this time... he raised james' abilify to 10mgs and said when james is 18 he will try topamax which is funny... :rolleyes: he did not want to give it right now because of his age.. james turns 18 in less then 6 months he weighs 260+ and is 6'1"+ !! :faint: so he is almost 100 pds heaver then my husband...he did tell james to exercise and do something about his weight because he is so big and he was straght with him and james didn't fly off the handle with him... took james to school and told him to walk home, he did not argue with me so maybe it sunk in at least today...i had told james that when he got paid this time he needed to fix his bike so he had tranpertation but he blew it all yesterday except 20 bucks :grrr: one day!!so i guess he will be walking a lot for two weeks....


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Glad psychiatrist was there - makes no sense to me what those 6 months changes! Only less likely you will be able to force any medical treatment.

Happy walking difficult child!

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Well, walking for a while after spending all of his money instead of fixing the bike is a natural consequence. I think it will be good for him.