Aren't all teachers suppose to be informed?



School has been a real challenge lately. His core classes, all teachers are aware of his diagnosis and such. Currently suppose to be going through FBA and psycological testing, don't know if it is happening. I recieved a call yesterday from his business teacher. He usually enjoys his electives and does well. She told me he has always done so well, but since easter break he has not done anything. She cannot get him to listen to her and often has to ask him to leave because others are trying to do their work. I asked her if she had spoken to Special Education teacher regarding Alex. She said No. Was not aware of anything. I informed her of the change in medications, and then another change in medications and hoping this recent change last week will help. I am really upset. I would of spoken to her and told her myself if I would of known that nobody informed her of anything. Didn't even know he has an IEP!!!


This is common but not usually until h.s. when all teachers are never informed in my opinion.

This should be addressed via the IEP. SOMEONE (often the school psychologist) should take responsibility for within school communication.

Unless and until this happens, I would prepare a "mini" parent report and give it to each teacher, along with a copy of the IEP--or at least the page that has any gen ed accommodations on it.

After you do something active such as this, the school will take you more seriously. THEN ask for an IEP meeting to talk about communication.