husband when he came home from work tonight informed me that difficult child 2 has become "unfrozen" at his Residential Treatment Center (RTC). That struck me as odd since we recieved a call Wednesday saying they wanted to let us know about a restraint etc. I did not get them called back so I don't know details yet. difficult child 2 needed to bank 10 days in a 14 day period of time. Well I know for a fact that he has not done this. So I asked husband how he got unfrozen. He said that difficult child 2 made a deal with staff. What?!?!?!? :nonono: Of course I find this out after midnight and as anyone who has had kids in rtcs the night staff no almost nothing so it won't do me a bit of good to call til morning.

This child is a master manipulator. It is in his treatment plan to not allow this type of thing. :hammer:

Of course husband neer asks the questions of staff when he finds these things out. So now I am frustrated as all get out. At least it wasn't a Friday night. That would really be typical to have to stew about this over the weekend.

I am really hoping husband misunderstood difficult child 2. I don't want to have to calmly freak out about this. But I will after I find out the situation out.

Beth :hammer:


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:hammer: :hammer: :hammer: - yes I believe that is appropriate! "Made a deal with staff" huh? Sounds like the master manipulator is back at work!

Here's hoping husband misunderstood :nonono:


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Can't imagine any facility staff person making that kind of "deal" with your difficult child.

How much of this is fantasy; how much of this is braggart? Is he trying to save face in front of you &/or husband?

Hope you can solve the mystery today.


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What does coming "unfrozen" mean? Is it gaining priveleges back?

I hope you get some info today, this has to be frustrating.




Well I just got off the phone wih the case manager at the facility (I figured she would be the best choice to ask this of).

husband understood fairly accurately. He has been in the program for nine months and case manager said nothing is working so we are starting him over. :hammer:

I was very confused. I asked didn't I just get a call telling me to call in about a restraint on WEDNESDAY. Oh yes he was in a restraint in the morning for "some reason". :smile:

She also told me that he had been running through the kitchenette Tuesday night throwing food etc.

Thus in there ultimate wisdom starting him over is the best choice. :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

He has to do like five pojects (a number greatly reduced from what he is supposed to do) and he will yes have his privaledges.

Not that I don't want my son to succeed but geez is this how it will work in the world when and if he gets in it. (No boss I don't want to do this how about I do that instead.)

What are they teaching him? :rolleyes:



Well difficult child 2 just called me (a priviledge that he generally does not get). He wanted to let me know he was unfrozen. That starting tommorrow he will have his priviledges back. I asked him if he had earned this or what. He said that he had worked out a deal with these people. (Of course I knew the answer) He couldn't understand why I wasn't excited for him.

Then he asked that the next time we came up we would bring him all his electronics. :hammer: :hammer: Grr that is exactly what I expected. No concept at all.