As you know, my addict isnt even my own child but Tony's brother

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DammitJanet, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. DammitJanet

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    and he is driving me nuts.

    Last night he was getting out his bag of medication to take right after he ate dinner and he made this idiotic comment about how at least none of his medication. Temazapam. I bit. I said whoah. That is a benzo and what doctor in their right mind gives a person who is an addict a medication that is addictive? He jumped up and said he wasnt an addict. I said oh yes you are. He said he hadnt done hard drugs in x amount of years and blah blah blah and when he did do drugs he never used needles and drug addicts had to use them every day, all day long and had to steal for them and all this other mess. I went toe to toe with him.

    I would have gone even further if I had actually known that he knew that I was taking psychiatric medications but I didnt realize he knew. God help him if he says it again because it will be all out war. He knows I take pain medications so I expect he will claim I am addicted but I can carry my own there and I will throw his ass out because the only reason I even allowed him to come back here was because Tony claimed he was so new in beating his addictions. So if he claims he hasnt been an addict, to hell with him. He doesnt have any issues. He claims the only thing he is addicted to his I told him he must not be too addicted to that because he hasnt been looking for a fix the entire time he has been with us.

    Yeah I am mean.
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    Would it be rude of me to laugh now?
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    I'm with HaoZi!!!

    YOU GO JANET!!!!!
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    It had to be said. You said it!
    I'm with HaoZi and Step.
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    I left out a part of that first sentence...the internet must have ate it. He said at least his medications arent psychiatric medications. That is what ticked me off. Now I found out that he has known since he first started visiting us that I take psychiatric medications...or probably longer since Tony cant keep his mouth shut at all. When he said at least he didnt take any psychiatric medications...and he has said this twice in front of me in the last three days...I said nothing the first time, said what I wrote above last night...and heaven help him if he says anything tonight because I found out that he has known that I take them. Now I know he is baiting me. Dont play with me because I will win with an unarmed man.
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    Janet, I suspect if you battled with an armed man you'd take his weapon and beat him with it.