Asking for pryers for a friend and her family....

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    A friend I work with recently told me her adopted niece has run away. She is 15, adopted at age 6, sexually assaulted at age 5 in a foster home (person found not guilty), she was abandoned as a baby (crack baby). The whole situation is sad.
    She ran away last Thursday, they called the police to check out where they thought she may be ( with a boy, 17) she was not there, the state police will do nothing. They have no idea where to look, they have called friends, family of the boy (a drug addict, drop out, and a sometimes run away himself)
    I have tried to think of things for them to try, checking all friends of friends, hotels, etc. She has no clothes with her, no medications, and wears contacts with no glasses along.
    They have talked with a private investigator and he is doing what he can. I wish I could think of something for her. My friend and her family are all so upset and worried. The girl ("Teen") was to go to a new doctor today for another evaluation. but they can't find her. I'm not sure what medications she's on but I'm told she is very "hiper" without them.
    All prayers for "Teen" would be welcomed.
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    Of course, = prayers gone out!
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    Tracy, Dore Frances, MA has a post about what you can do when a child is missing/runs away. I think it is on TEens & SA, but it might be on Parents Emeritus. You can search by her name on the forum to find it. It gives lots of options and resources. Maybe some will help your friend and give her family some help.


    and, of course, I am praying for them!
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    I'll keep teen in my prayers. I hope she is safely returned and realizes she needs to be with those that love her. How sad. :frown:
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    My cousin ran away at 16. She flew on a plane from TN to CA without an adult checking her in. My aunt called the police, but there was some horrid waiting period because of her age. Finally my aunt called missing persons and filed a report. I am not sure what else they did for her. I know she had someone come to her house and hack into her computer. The info they retrived led them to her. My cousin had to go to court and was ordered to wear an ankle tracking device for 6 months. Good church kid and never broke any laws, just ran away.

    I know what its like to worry over a young missing child. I will pray for her and her family. I pray that somebody comes forward with info to bring her home safe. My heart totally is breaking for her pain.
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    I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers that she is safe and will be found soon...WFEN