At this point, I just have to roll eyes & laugh

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    I visited with difficult child- neither of us had much to say because he was half asleep and I think we're both stressed about the upcoming decision- or whatever you want to call it. Anyway, they gave me the photo they had taken of us a couple of weeks ago on my way out- they had told me they were going to mail it so I was happily surprised until I looked at it- it was blurry and they cut the top of difficult child's head off. Oh well.

    Then, I got my keys back and was waiting to get my driver's license back only to find that THEY couldn't find them- told me to wait at the side so they could check everyone else out- 15 mins later they look again, then start combing thru everything- no license- they call head officer on duty and he didn't look any happier about it then I did so they start going thru everything again and realized they had no one's license left over so they didn't just give a person the wrong license, thereby knowing a person to call to come and switch back. So as it was left, I currently have no license to carry and apparently a parent either intentionally picked it up or the lady handing back license, who was sometimes handing a couples' licenses back together to one person (bad mistake) may have accidentally had mine between two she meant to be handing back. I expressed concern though over someone else apparently having my license and id and they told me to call if I needed verification that they were lost- for instance, if I got pulled over on the way home or if I got any strange calls and someone has been trying to pass on my license. They told me they would write an incident report (that will be a 50/50 shot). They said they will call me if someone calls them who might have gotten them by mistake. OK- I'm thinking I better go to DMV Tues morning, report this, and have a new one issued to invalidate this one and have a new DL# issued. Maybe I can talk them into taking another photo for this one since I looked like a serial killer on this one. LOL!

    Then on the way home, I hit a bird- actually the bird flew into the front of the car. YUK. I haven't even looked but I'm hoping it fell off somewhere along the way.

    Shooooeeeeee.......I hope and pray this new year comes in a whole lot easier than this old one is going out! LOL!!

    Anyone else have unexpected happenings today they'd like to share?
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    Good Grief...nothing that would match that story, lol. I hope DL's are cheaper and easier where you live. It's no minor deal in Fl. I hope you have some nice treats for yourself and maybe a good book to enjoy in your new comfy chair. DDD
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    The Addams family woke up to 14 vultures in the pine tree outside at the end of the driveway this morning......I didn't hit any of them.......but I just see a level of incompetence there that screams nincompoop - and wonder if Larry, Curly and Moe - would like to get a HOME-MADE card from you - with caption bubbles over the heads stating "I dint see the kid escape did you?" "No you knuckle head he didn't escape - he got out between two parents that were leaving and I just didn't check that there were six feet and not four." "nyuck nyuck nyuck" WOW. So these are the people that are in CHARGE of kids that are smarter than the average bear huh?


    I agree with D3 - find a good book and relax.......I'm digging up some pixie dust to send you to throw around your house for the new year for good luck.
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    thank you! I was going to put the 'dern' photo on here anyway but it looks like I'd have to use a URL image and I have no idea what that is. I don't want to go thru the trouble of setting up photobucket or something else again (that's why I have a kid LOL).

    Oh- I'm on the reclining sofa with a compforter wrapped around me, the tv on, and two sleepy lap dogs, thinking about watching a movie shortly. I've only been home about an hour and I left between 7:00 and 7:30 so I'm unwinding.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    You know what? In like - ohhhh four or five years? That photo that's making you tear up today? Will be ONE of your most distant memories, perhaps favorite photos.....AND God willing because of your complete and supreme sacrafices will have a child that actually sends you a photo in the mail of himself with a card that really makes you cry for all the right reasons with appreciation.....FOR your sacrafices. I got my first one klmno yesterday and if it were possible to open up a part of me and keep in any closer to my heart? I would. I am utterly, completely and totally amazed - and you know Dude and his saga as well as anyone here - so it can happen honey - it can and it will. Your boy my nephew is in there somewhere. He's a great kid - despite what he thinks of himself and his struggles. I still love him - and I love you too.
    Merry Christmas gal!
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    You're right, Star- and wow! So Dude sent you a photo and caard and was nice and remembered you? You deserve those tears of happiness and then some!
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    Dude sent you a card? All I got was my dinner made! LOL. Jamie hasnt even called me yet. Cory and Mandy made a very nice dinner for us. Quite good. Cory is getting to be quite the cook. Almost as good as his daddy. Mandy made a very good cake. Tony got me the bluetooth for my phone that I wanted. Billy got me a couple of books.
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    OH wow, what a pita if you have to change numbers on accounts and loans and, and and.... They should have to pay for any expenses though, not you, right?

    You got your keys obviously .... they were not lost too? Were they kept in the same spot? I wonder if it fell behind something or ??? Hopefully they searched staff too. I hate that your address is on there and everything. What a drag. But it is one of those things taht CAN be fixed. Compared to what all you do, this will be a piece of cake.
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    I am impressed by your calm - I would be super angry if they lost my license!!! How neglectful can they be? Please do go and get it cancelled and get a new one, and keep an eye on your credit scores plus don't throw away ANYTHING with any sort of info about you. With you license they know your addy and can pick through your mail to get info on you and steal your identity - the LAST thing you need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope that someone in the dang Department of Juvenile Justice has their head roll because this is just totally inexcusable and the next visiting day they will expect you to give them your license all over again or not see your son. I would call Tues when the warden is there and talk to him (Mr. M, isn't it?) about this and ask him to maybe make it so you don't have to give them a license next time and you can just show it and then keep it with you because it is costing you $$ to replace it - the fee for replacement and the time off work and the mileage to the license bureau, plus having to find your birth certificate, etc... to get the new license, all that is not free and you don't want to do this again - it is bad enough that you have to do it now because their negligence.

    Keep close eye on your credit score AND your home. Follow the best security measures you can because SOMEONE has your ID and address and can find you. WHile I want to think all parents with troubled kids are honest and good, you and I both know it isn't true and boys like difficult child who got into trouble while the parent is not like that are not the norm. Lots of times the violence and dishonesty are learned at home. So you be CAREFUL!!!!!
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    Has VA changed from using your SSN as your drivers license number? When I lived in VA my SSN was my drivers license number, that would be a real issue. I hope they have changed that by now. I know they dont do that in NC or SC.

    I think you can order your license online. I was looking for something about titles when I got my dad's truck and there was a ton of stuff on their website and if I am not mistaken you can order a replacement license online. I think it only costs $10 or maybe slightly more. I know here it only costs that. A new license costs more. Here we only have to show 3 pieces of ID which they list on the website to get a new license and a BC is one but isnt required. I dont have one.

    I dont think I would worry so much about credit or someone coming to your home, I would worry about someone using your ID to work. Though they dont have your SSN. They need that. An employer may be able to get that with your ID with that...I dont know. I dont know if you remember the issues Cory has had with people working under his name and SSN in other states but we believe that happened because he lost his wallet in a convenience store. It had his ID and SS card in it.
  11. AnnieO

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    klmno - around here (dunno about there), the BMV will replace it free of charge if it can be determined that the loss was due to negligence on the part of any local government. All you need is a letter faxed to them.

    Other thing - I would demand they call ALL THE VISITORS that left while you were there. They keep logs. They KNOW who was there.

    How annoying.

    on the other hand? It sounded like the visit was good. And that's the important part, Know what I mean??
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    I thought I commented on this, but I guess I thought it - but did not actually "do it".
    I just wanted to send hugs - and say I am sorry!!!!
    I am thinking of you!